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Juki 2010(2020) EJECTOR 40010678 listed by Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd. Add your item for sale/wanted

Juki 2010(2020) EJECTOR 40010678

Juki 2010(2020) EJECTOR 40010678

Juki 2010(2020) EJECTOR 40010678


Juki 2010(2020) EJECTOR 40010678

Part Number:

2010(2020) 40010678


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Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd

Company Information:

Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd

We are please to introduce ourself- ,who is one of the SMT solution provider for Global customers, we can supply Automatic Insertion machines spare parts, SMT spare parts, (including feeder ,Nozzle,PCB

Dongguan, China

Environmental Resources, Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs, Manufacturer of Bare PCBs, Pick and Place, Repair/Rework

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Juki 2010(2020) EJECTOR 40010678 Specs:

JUKI 2010(2020) EJECTOR 40010678

Thank you for your view!

we supply  JUKI machines and spare parts for long time,like feeders,nozzles,drivers,servo motors, boards etc

Our product lists are as follow:

JUKI Feeder series:


JUKI Nozzle series

JUKI 2050-60

E 3608-729-0 A0 JUKI NOZZLE 500, E 3600-729-0 A0 JUKI NOZZLE 501 ,E 3601-729-0 A0 JUKI NOZZLE 502 ---JUKI NOZZLE 535

E 3623-729-0 A0 JUKI NOZZLE 800---E 3626-729-0 A0 JUKI NOZZLE 803

EG 350-729- M01 JUKI NOZZLE 804


E 3608-729-0 A0 JUKI NOZZLE 500 1 .0X0.5,E 3600-729-000 JUKI NOZZLE 500 0 .7X0.4

E 3601-729-0 A0 JUKI NOZZLE 500 0 .7X0.4------E 3607-729-0 A0 JUKI NOZZLE 500 9 .0X8.0


E 3501-721-0 A0 JUKI NOZZLE 101 ASSEMBL ? 1.0/ ? 0.4------E 3506-721-0 A0 JUKI NOZZLE 106 ASSEMBL ? 9.5/ ? 8.0

E 3551-721-0 A0 JUKI NOZZLE 201 ASSEMBL ? 3.5/ ? 1.0------E 3554-721-0 A0 JUKI NOZZLE 204 ASSEMBL ? 9.5/ ? 8.0

E 400-1721-0 A0 JUKI PICK UP NOZZLE------E 400-9721-0 A0 JUKI PICK UP NOZZLE

E 401-0721-0 A0 JUKI PICK UP NOZZLE------E 401-8721-0 A0 JUKI PICK UP NOZZLE

E 402-0721-0 A0 JUKI PICK UP NOZZLE------E 402-9721-0 A0 JUKI PICK UP NOZZLE

E 403-0721-0 A0 JUKI PICK UP NOZZLE------E 403-9721-0 A0 JUKI PICK UP NOZZLE

E 404-1721-0 A0 JUKI PICK UP NOZZLE------E 404-9721-0 A0 JUKI PICK UP NOZZLE

E 405-0721-0 A0 JUKI PICK UP NOZZLE------E 405-1721-0 A0 JUKI PICK UP NOZZLE

JUKI Board: JUKI750(760) MATCHING PWB ASM Board P/N :E86317210A0 ,JUKI750(760) Carry PWB Board P/N: E86177210A0 ,2050 2060 XMP-CPCI PN 40003259 ,2010-2040 IO CONTROL PWB PN E86077290A0,730(740) DC SERVO DRIVER E86037210A0 ,700 Series Laser Control Card ,2060 MSM CARD E9609729000 , KE 750 KE760 LASER CARD E9632721000

JUKI driver:  KE750(760) KM000000030 SERVO DRIVRT ,KE750 760 Y axis Driver AU6550N2062 ,770 Z Axis Driver AU6310N2031 ,750 760 Z axis Driver PN KM000000060 Model,2060 ZT IC DRIVER PN:40062558 

JUKI motor: juki KE730/740 ZT zxis Motor P/N: E93077210A0 Model,KE2030 Y Axis Motor E962529000 ,FX-1 Y Axis Motor (HC-MFS73-S14) ,KE2020 X Axis Motor E9622729000 ,FX-1R Motor L815E6210A0 (HC-BH0136L-S4) ,FX-1 Z Axis Motor L815E5210A0 (HC-BH0136L-S1) ,KE750 X Axis Motor E9611721000 ,MTS Servo motor(TS4509N6021E100) ,FX-1R Motor L809E0210A0 (HC-MFS73) ,KE730 Z axis Motor E93077210A0 (L404-151EL8) ,KE730 T Axis Motor (L402-021EL0) ,KE2030 T axis Motor ,750 Yaxis motor KM000000020 ,KE2020 Y axis motor E96247290,T axis 40003254 THETA MOTOR TS4631N2022E600 ,2060 Z axis motor p/n: 40003255 ,KE2010 T Axis motor E9630729000 ,2020 Z axis Motor TS4633N2020E600 PN ,2060 T Axis motor TS4601N1620E600 40003256 ,2050 Y Axis MotorTS4616N1020E200 ,2060 IC T MOTOR 40003256 ,2050/2060 Y Motor 40000727 ,KE2060 Z motor 40003255 ,KE2050 Y Motor 40000727  

If your demandings are not in,please tell me their ID ,I would give you details about them.

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