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Panasonic CM402/602 8MM-44/56MM Feeder

Panasonic CM402/602 8MM-44/56MM Feeder

Panasonic CM402/602 8MM-44/56MM Feeder


Panasonic CM402/602 8MM-44/56MM Feeder

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Shenzhen Minzin Technology CO.,LTD.

Name:Motor Feeder



Power supply:DC24V 10W Emboss Intelligent Power Paper Feeder

For Panasonic  NPM CM101 CM212 CM232 CM401 CM402 CM602 DT401 Modular Placement High Speed Placmennt Machine

CM402/CM602 8MM N610031080AA 

CM402/CM602 8MM KXFW1KS5A00 With Sensor

CM402/CM602 8MM KXFW1KSBA00 Without Sensor

CM402/CM602 12/16MM KXFW1KS6A00 With Sensor

CM402/CM602 12/16MM KXFW1KSCA00 Without Sensor

CM402/CM602 24/32MM KXFW1KS7A00 With Sensor

CM402/CM602 24/32MM KXFW1KSDA00 Without Sensor

CM402/CM602 24/32MM KXFW1LOYA00 Depth21mm

CM402/CM602 44/56MM KXFW1KS8A00 With Sensor

CM402/CM602 44/56MM KXFW1KSEA00 Without Sensor 

CM402/CM602 44/56MM KXFW1LOTA00 Depth21mm

CM402/CM602 72MM KXFW1KS9A00 With Sensor

CM402/CM602 72MM KXFW1KSFA00 Without Sensor

CM402/CM602 72MM KXFW1LOZA00 Depth21mm 

CM402/CM602 88MM KXFW1KS10A00 With Sensor

CM402/CM602 88MM KXFW1KSGA00 Without Sensor

CM402/CM602 STICK KXFW1KSRA00 3 Rows

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Shenzhen Minzin Technology CO.,LTD.

Our business is the SMT equipments, SMT feeders, SMT nozzles and other SMT parts!

Shenzhen, China

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  • Phone +86 13554938781

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