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Samsung nozzle CP33/Quad30/CP40C/ CP45


Samsung nozzle CP33/Quad30/CP40C/ CP45

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Samsung nozzle CP33


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Samsung nozzle CP33/Quad30/CP40C/ CP45/CP45NEO/DP20

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Samsung nozzle CP33/Quad30/CP40C/ CP45/CP45NEO/DP20

CP-33 and Quad -30 Nozzles

Part Number Description

XF Nozzle, XF

XG Nozzle, XG (1608)

XG-M Nozzle, XG-M

XH Nozzle, XH (2125)

XH-M Nozzle, XH-M (3216)

XI Nozzle, XI

AA Nozzle, AA

BA Nozzle, BA

QE Nozzle, QE

QF Nozzle, QF

SSC33BCA Bellows comp assy

SSC33FLTR Filter nozzle

     CP40-C (V) Series Nozzles

Part Number Description

N03 Nozzle, N030

N045 Nozzle, N045

N045 Nozzle, N045, Carbide

N06 Nozzle, N06

N06 Nozzle, N06, Carbide

N08 Nozzle, N08

N08 Nozzle, N08, Carbide

N14 Nozzle, N14

N14 Nozzle, N14, Carbide

N24 Nozzle, N24

N40 Nozzle, N40

N75 Nozzle, N75

N110 Nozzle, N110

SSC40SPN Special Nozzle for Connector

SSC40BCA Bellows Comp. Assy

SSC40FLTR Filter, Nozzle

CP-45 Series Nozzles

Part Number Description

TN03 Nozzle, TN03, Ceramic

TN04 Nozzle, TN04, Ceramic

TN05 Nozzle, TN05, Ceramic

TN065 Nozzle, TN065 Ceramic

TN08 Nozzle, TN08, Ceramic

TN14 Nozzle, TN14

TN22 Nozzle, TN22

TN40 Nozzle, TN40

TN75 Nozzle, TN75

TN110 Nozzle, TN110

SSC45SPN Special Nozzle for Connector

SSC45BCA Bellows Comp. Assy

SSC45FLTR Filter, Nozzle

CP-45 NEO Series Nozzles

Part Number Description

CN030 Nozzle, CN030, Ceramic

CN040 Nozzle, CN040, Ceramic

CN065 Nozzle, CN065, Ceramic

CN070 Nozzle, CN070, Ceramic

CN080 Nozzle, CN080, Ceramic

CN110 Nozzle, CN110

CN140 Nozzle, CN140

CN220 Nozzle, CN220

CN400N Nozzle, CN400N

CN750 Nozzle, CN750

CN1100 Nozzle, CN1100

SSC45NSPN Special Nozzle for Connector

SSC45FBHA Bellows Head Assy

SSC45FBCA Bellows Comp. Assy

SSC45FFLTR Filter, Nozzle

DP-20 Series Nozzles

Part Number Description

SSD201608 Disp. Nozzle, 2D/2S, p=0.8

SSD202125 Disp. Nozzle, 2D/2S, p=1.0

SSD203216 Disp. Nozzle, 2D/2S, p=1.2

SSD20-IC Disp. Nozzle, 2D/2S, p=2.0

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Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs

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  • Fax 86-0755-11111111
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