Yamaha FT 8-4 feeder KJW-M1200-020

Yamaha FT 8-4 feeder KJW-M1200-020

Yamaha FT 8-4 feeder KJW-M1200-020


Yamaha FT 8-4 feeder KJW-M1200-020

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YAMAHA FT 8-4 feeder


Pick and Place Equipment/Feeders

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YAMAHA FT 8-4 feeder KJW-M1200-020

YAMAHA  Feeder SS 8mm P/N: KUJ-MC100-000

     YAMAHA  Feeder SS 12mm P/N: KUJ-MC200-000

     YAMAHA  Feeder SS 16mm P/N: KUJ-MC300-000

     YAMAHA  Feeder SS 24mm P/N: KUJ-MC400-000

     YAMAHA  Feeder  SS 32 mm P/N: KUJ-MC500-000

     YAMAHA  Feeder SS 44mm P/N: KUJ-MC600-000

     YAMAHA  Feeder SS 56mm P/N: KUJ-MC700-000

     YAMAHA  Feeder SS 77mm P/N: KUJ-MC800-000

     YAMAHA  Feeder SS 88mm P/N: KUJ-MC900-000

     YAMAHA  Feeder FT   8×2mm P/N: KJW-M1100-00

     YAMAHA  Feeder FT   8×4mm P/N: KJW-M1200-023

     YAMAHA  Feeder FS2   8×2mm P/N: KJK-M1300-011

     YAMAHA  Feeder FS2    8×4mm P/N: KJK-M1500-013

     YAMAHA  Feeder CL   0201mm P/N: KW1-M1500-030

     YAMAHA  Feeder CL   8×2mm P/N: KW1-M1400-00X

     YAMAHA  Feeder CL    8×4mm P/N: KW1-M1100-000

     YAMAHA  Feeder CL   12mm P/N: KW1-M2200-300

     YAMAHA  Feeder CL   16mm P/N: KW1-M3200-100

     YAMAHA  Feeder CL   24mm  P/N: KW1-M4500-015

     YAMAHA  Feeder CL   32 mm  P/N: KW1-M5500-010

     YAMAHA  Feeder CL   44mm  P/N: KW1-M6500-000

     YAMAHA  Feeder CL   56mm  P/N: KW1-M7500-000

     YAMAHA  Feeder CL   77mm  P/N: KW1-M8500-000

     YAMAHA  Feeder CL   88mm  P/N: KW1-M9500-000

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Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs

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  • Fax 86-0755-11111111
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