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Panasonic CM602 Feeder

Panasonic CM602 Feeder

Panasonic CM602 Feeder


Panasonic CM602 Feeder

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Panasonic CM602 Feeder


Pick and Place Equipment/Feeders

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shenzhen, China

Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs

  • Phone 8613554981629
  • Fax 86-0755-11111111
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Panasonic CM602 Feeder Specs:

Supply new and used Panasonic feeder at a lower price:

Panasonic CM402/602 feeder:

8mm dbl with sensor

8mm dbl without sensor

12/16mm dbl with sensor

12/16mm dbl without sensor

24/32mm dbl with sensor

Panasonic KME CM120 CM20/201/202/301 M9 type Mechanical Feeder

Original,used and new vibratory feeder:

Tape feeder 8x2mm M9A5NSM0000

Tape feeder 8x4mm M9A1NSM0000

Paper feeder 8x2mm M9B5CSM0000

Tape feeder 12x4mm M9C1CVM0000

Tape feeder 12x8mm M9C2CVM0000

Tape feeder 16x12mm M9D3CV0000

Tape feeder 16x4mm M9D1CVM0000

Tape feeder 16x8mm M9D2CVM0000

Tape feeder 24x12mm M9E3CVM0000

Fujintai technology co.,ltd

Tape feeder 24x8mm M9E2CVM0000

Tape feeder 32x12mm M9F3CVM0000

Tape feeder 32x8mm M9F2CVM0000

Tape feeder 44x12mm M9H3CVM0000

Tape feeder 44x16mm M9H4CVM0000

Tape feeder 44x24mm M9H6CVM0000

Panasonic MV2F Q type feeder:

X708PB084CH,8x4,Paper,Single,Large Pan(13")

X708PB084W,8x4,Paper,Double, Small Pan(7")

X708PC084C,8x4,Paper,Single, Small Pan(7")

X708PA124H,12x4,Embossed,Large Pan(13")

X708PA128H,12x8,Embossed,Large Pan(13")

X00RPA128,12x8,Embossed,Small Pan(7")





NM-0700D,Q Typ Feeder Calibration Jig

if you have any enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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