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Yamaha nozzle for for all mode machin

Yamaha nozzle for for all mode machin

Yamaha nozzle for for all mode machin


Yamaha nozzle for for all mode machin


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ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited

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ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited

ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited Headquarters are located in Shenzhen,China,which is 20 minutes to Shenzhen Airport.ZK was established in 2005,highly professional in Surface-Mount Technology area

Shenzhen, China

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Yamaha nozzle for for all mode machin Specs:


KV8-M71N1-A0  YG200 71F ASSY NOZZLE (201F)           

KV8-M71N2-A0  YG200 72F ASSY NOZZLE (202F)           

KV8-M71N9-A0  YG200 79F ASSY NOZZLE (209F)           

KV8-M71N3-A0  YG200 73F ASSY NOZZLE (203F)           

KV 8-M87XD-A0  YG200 73F-D ASSY NOZZLE(203F-D)           

KGT-M7710-A0  YG200 201A ASSY NOZZLE           

KGT-M7720-A0  YG200 202A ASSY NOZZLE           

KGT-M7790-A0  YG200 209A ASSY NOZZLE           

KGT-M7730-A0  YG200 203A ASSY NOZZLE           

KGT-M77XD-A0  YG200 203A-D ASSY NOZZLE           

KGT-M7760-A0  YG200 206A ASSY NOZZLE           




KG2-M7191-100  YV112 NOZZLE TYPE (1)0.9/0.5           

KG2-M7191-200  YV112 NOZZLE TYPE (2)1.4/0.8           

KG2-M7191-300  YV112 NOZZLE TYPE (3)3.0/2.0           

KG2-M7191-400  YV112 NOZZLE TYPE (4)6.0/4.0           

KG2-M7191-500  YV112 NOZZLE TYPE (5)10.0/8.0           



KG3-M7113-40X  YV64D/84D DISP NZ 2D/2S 0.7/0.4P=0.8           

KG4-M7113-10X  YV64D/84D DISP NZ 2D/2S 0.8/0.5P=1.0           

KG4-M7113-20X  YV64D/84D DISP NZ 1D/2S 0.6/0.3           

KG4-M7113-30X  YV64D/84D DISP NZ 1D/2S 0.8/0.5           

KG4-M7113-40X  YV64D/84D DISP NZ 1D/2S ID1.5           

KG4-M7113-50X  YV64D/84D DISP NZ 1D/2S ID1.5           




K37-M7113-20X  YV86/YV100D DISP NOZZLE 1D/1S           

K37-M7113-10X  YV86/YV100D DISP NOZZLE 1D/2S           

K37-M7113-00X  YV86/YV100D DISP NOZZLE 2D/2S           

K37-M7113-40X  YV86/YV100D DISP NOZZLE 1D/2S           



KV8-M71U1-002  YV100X NOZZLE TIP-TYPE 71F(2 HOLE)           

KV8-M71U2-001  YV100X NOZZLE TIP-TYPE 72F(0.62X1.75)'X'           

KV8-M71N1-A00  YV100X NOZZLE ASSY-TYPE 71F(2HOLE)           

KV8-M71N2-A00  YV100X NOZZLE ASSY-TYPE 72F('X')           

KV8-M71N3-A00  YV100X NOZZLE ASSY-TYPE 73F           

KV8-M7710-A0X  YAMAHA 71A ASSEMBLY NOZZLE (1.2X0.8)           

KV8-M7720-A0X  YAMAHA 72A ASSEMBLY NOZZLE (1.7X0.94)           

KV8-M7730-A0X  YAMAHA 73A ASSEMBLY NOZZLE           

KV8-M7740-A0X  YAMAHA 74A ASSEMBLY NOZZLE           

KV8-M7760-00X  YAMAHA 76A ASSEMBLY NOZZLE (MELF)           




KGA-M71N2-A0X  YV88X/YV88XG NOZZLE ASSY TYPE62F(0.95*1.75)"X"           

KGA-M71N3-A0X  YV88X/YV88XG NOZZLE ASSY TYPE63F           

KGA-M71N4-A0X  YV88X/YV88XG NOZZLE ASSY TYPE64F           

KGA-M71N5-A0X  YV88X/YV88XG NOZZLE ASSY TYPE65F           




KM0-M711A-02X  YVL88/YV100 NOZZLE-A(TYPE31)           

KM0-M711A-02X  YVL88/YV100 NOZZLE-A(TYPE31)-"X"           

KM0-M711B-00X  YVL88/YV100 NOZZLE-A(TYPE32-1)           

KM0-M711C-00X  YVL88/YV100 NOZZLE-A(TYPE32-2)           

KM0-M711D-00X  YVL88/YV100 NOZZLE-A(TYPE33)           

KM0-M711E-00X  YVL88/YV100 NOZZLE-A(TYPE34)           

KM0-M711F-00X  YVL88/YV100 NOZZLE-A(TYPE35)MELF           

KM0-M711A-02X  YVL88/YV100 NOZZLE-A(TYPE31)-1.2*0.6           

KM0-M711A-02X  YVL88/YV100 NOZZLE-A(TYPE31)-"X"           

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