Panasonic All models SMT nozzle

Panasonic All models SMT nozzle

Panasonic All models SMT nozzle


Panasonic All models SMT nozzle

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SMT Nozzle For Panasonic CM402      

Item Item Name Type Component Material OD mm ID mm Holes

KXFX03DSA00 Panasonic  CM-202/CM-402 110 N/A N/A 0.6 0.4 1

KXFX03DGA01 Panasonic CM-202/CM-402 115 N/A N/A 0.9 0.7 1

KXFX03DHA01 Panasonic  CM-202/CM-402 115A N/A N/A 1 0.65 1

KXFX03DJA01 Panasonic  CM-202/CM-402 120 N/A N/A 1.3 0.9 1

KXFX03DKA01 Panasonic  CM-202/CM-402 130 N/A N/A 2.4 1.8 1

KXFX03DMA01 Panasonic  CM-202/CM-402 140 N/A N/A 4 1.5 1

KXFX04NAQ00 Panasonic  CM-202/CM-402 205 603 Diamond 0.4x0.7 mm 0.2x0.4mm 1

KXFX05V2A00 Panasonic CM-202/CM-402 206 603 Diamond 0.6x0.52mm 0.28mm 1

CM-207 Panasonic  CM-202/CM-402 207 1005 Diamond 0.74x0.54mm 0.38mm 1

CM-208 Panasonic  CM-202/CM-402 208 603 Diamond 0.65x0.55mm 0.35x0.25mm 1

CM-209 Panasonic  CM-202/CM-402 209 1005 Diamond N/A N/A 1

CM-210 Panasonic CM-202/CM-402 210 1005 Diamond 1.1x0.6mm 0.6x0.25mm 1

KXFX0387A00 Panasonic  CM-202/CM-402 450 N/A Diamond 6.0mm 1.5mm 1

N610040782AA Panasonic  CM-202/CM-402 225C N/A Diamond N/A N/A 1

N610040784AA Panasonic  CM-202/CM-402 230C N/A Diamond N/A N/A 1

CM-205mod Panasonic  CM-202/CM-402 205 603 Ceramic 0.4x0.4mm 0.25mm 1

CM-GRIPPER Panasonic CM-202/CM-402 Gripper with Reflector N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

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