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Fuji NXT COPY NEW NOZZLE list attac listed by Goldland Electronic Technology Company Limited. Add your item for sale/wanted

Fuji NXT COPY NEW NOZZLE list attac


Fuji NXT COPY NEW NOZZLE list attac


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Fuji NXT COPY NEW NOZZLE list attac Specs:

P/N                                Model

R07-007-070              H08/H12   0.7     nozzle

R07-010-070              H08/H12    1.0    nozzle

R07-013-070              H08/H12   1.3    nozzle

R07-013M-070 Melf   H08/H12   1.3M    nozzle

R07-018-070              H08/H12   1.8    nozzle

R07-018M-070 Melf   H08/H12   1.8M    nozzle

R07-025-070              H08/H12   2.5    nozzle

R07-025G-070           H08/H12   2.5G    nozzle

R07-037-070              H08/H12   3.7    nozzle

R07-037G-070           H08/H12   3.7G    nozzle

R19-010-155              H04    1.0    nozzle

R19-013-155              H04   1.3    nozzle

R19-018-155              H04    1.8    nozzle

R19-025-155              H04    2.5    nozzle

R19-025G-155           H04    2.5G    nozzle

R19-037-155              H04    3.7    nozzle

R19-037G-155           H04    3.7G    nozzle

R19-050-155              H04    5.0    nozzle

R19-070-155              H04    7.0    nozzle

R36-025G-260           H01    2.5G    nozzle

R36-037G-260           H01    3.7G    nozzle

R36-050-260              H01    5.0    nozzle

R36-050G-260           H01    5.0G    nozzle

R36-070-260              H01    7.0    nozzle

R36-100-260              H01    10.0    nozzle

R36-100G-260           H01   10.0G    nozzle

R36-150G-260           H01    15.0G    nozzle 

Hello Sir,

There are gpod quanlity copy new NXT nozzle for sale. The list is above.

Please kindly let us know if you need.

Thanks& Best Regards,


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