Information Regarding Content Theft

May 06, 2011

SMTBOX INC. - One Box, All SMT Spare Parts

SMTBOX INC. - One Box, All SMT Spare Parts

We spend hours of hard work creating useful content to help people find more information and gain better insight, but unfortunately we discover's content has been plagiarized and stolen by many companies of domain names such like,, and so on. Most of them are located in Mainland China and others are located in Thailand and U.K. of Britain.

Please be kindly informed that these companies ARE NOT neither affiliated with, authorized by, licensed by, distributors for, nor related in any way to SMTBOX INC., the quality of product or service offer by these companies may not be stable or reliable.

Before we send this message, we have contacted these website owner directly when we discover's content has been copied by a website without our permission and/or proper attribution. We failed to pursue website owners taking off your content immediately, and we give these website owners times to respond. They didn't / don't aware about the copyright infringement and they did / do it purposefully without thinking about the implications, they are not / will not be generally cooperative.

We will still keep on fighting with these website owners, we are planning to use third party content take-down services and send spam report to search engines to request for content removal from Google, Yahoo and Bing. But here's one cold, hard fact – search engines are always improved continuously to combat such things, but even Google still can't find a way to do it effectively – not even after the infamous Google Panda update.

The last resort for us is taking legal action, this strategy is expensive and may not be helpful for this issue, as most of the website owners are located in Mainland China.

We will be pleased to inform you of further developments in this case and hope for a continued partnership with you and your organization.

We thank you in advance for your time in reading this message and greatly appreciate your understanding.

Thank You and Best Regards,

Liu Renjun

Managing Director


RM. 1307, Anhui Building,

No. 3094 Mingzhu Nan RD.

Zhuhai, P.R.China, 519020

Tel: (86)756-6138391

Fax: (86)756-6138392


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