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Industry Analyst Joins Leading Technical Magazine as Contributing Editor

Apr 27, 2011

Jennifer Read, Co-Founder and Principal of Charlie Barnhart & Associates, LLC

Jennifer Read, Co-Founder and Principal of Charlie Barnhart & Associates, LLC

Charlie Barnhart & Associates LLC (CBA), a leading provider of hard data about the cost drivers and risks of global electronics manufacturing, announces that Jennifer Read, co-founder and principal, has joined Global SMT & Packaging magazine as a contributing editor.

In this role, Jennifer will contribute timely, analysis-based articles to Global SMT & Packaging magazine. "Global SMT is pleased to have Jennifer join our publication as a contributing editor. Her in-depth knowledge of industry trends and business experience combined with her strong writing background will result in an additional avenue of information for our readers," said Trevor Galbraith, editor-in-chief of Global SMT & Packaging Magazine.

"CBA is honored to be invited to join the staff of Global SMT & Packaging," added Jennifer. "Trevor's extensive global distribution and objective coverage of important industry trends has provided considerable value to his readers and I look forward to adding our voice."

Jennifer brings to the publication more than 20 years of experience as a high-tech industry business analyst and marketing communications consultant. Before joining Charlie Barnhart & Associates LLC, Jennifer held positions of vice president with Technology Forecasters Inc.; director of marketing communications with Avnet Electronics Marketing; and editor, publisher and staff writer for electronics industry publications, including Electronic News and Connector Specifier magazines. Ms. Read holds a J.D. from the University of Denver, was a member of the Colorado Bar Association and practiced law in Colorado. She also has written or co-written numerous articles and blog posts in support of best practices in electronics manufacturing.

Published by Trafalgar Publications, Global SMT & Packaging is a monthly magazine that is published in five editions (Americas, Europe, China, Korea and Southeast Asia) and seven Web sites (international, China, Korea, Southeast Asia, Japan, Mexico and Brazil). The publication has been billed by readers as THE assembly journal for electronics manufacturers worldwide. The magazines, Web sites and newsletters offer solution-led technical articles, insightful columns, coverage of industry news and events, and an exploration of the latest technology emerging in the sector.

For more information, contact Jennifer at 623-293-6985, or visit

Charlie Barnhart & Associates LLC ( focuses on the intersection between the electronics OEM and its electronics manufacturing services provider. The company collects detailed case study data on the costs of these services. Charlie Barnhart & Associates LLC then presents the data to the industry through workshops and webinars.

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