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Indium Corporation Features Indium8.9 Series Solder Pastes at APEX

Apr 07, 2011

Indium8.9 Series solder pastes offer Pb-free and halogen-free solutions that eliminate graping and head-in-pillow defects.

Indium8.9 Series solder pastes deliver unsurpassed print transfer efficiency and response-to-pause printing, as well as low voiding (<5%) over many different profiles when soldering BGAs with via-in-pad technology.

They also offer a very robust processing window that can minimize potential defects as well as accommodate various board sizes and throughput requirements.

Indium8.9 Series solder pastes are extremely thermally stable and some are designed to maintain a soft, pliable residue after reflow.  This means easier probe-testability and fewer false rejects during in-circuit testing.

Overall, Indium8.9 Series solder pastes provide superior performance characteristics that increase customers’ cost savings and finished goods reliability.

Indium will be exhibiting at Booth 2065.

For more information about Indium8.9 Series solder pastes, visit

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