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APEX 2011 - SIPLACE SX and innovative setup concepts make electronics manufacturing more productive

Mar 28, 2011

SIPLACE SX Series: Unique Capacity on Demand and Maximum Speed

SIPLACE SX Series: Unique Capacity on Demand and Maximum Speed

SIPLACE Random Setup: non-stop production and significantly more productivity.

SIPLACE Random Setup: non-stop production and significantly more productivity.

The new SIPLACE SX placement platform and innovative setup concepts with random feeder positioning place technology leader ASM Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG (formerly Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems) at the center of this year's APEX trade show in Las Vegas.

Live demonstrations at Booth 2035 will show how electronics manufacturers can replace complete gantries of the SIPLACE SX machines in only a few minutes to scale performance in line with demand (Capacity-on-Demand). The SIPLACE team delivers another major contribution to faster and more flexible electronics production with the introduction of new, innovative setup concepts. Operators of such high-mix lines will be able to install feeders in any available slot. Since the placement programs adjust automatically to this kind of random setup, subsequent products can be processed without interruption. The result: non-stop production and significantly more productivity.

Exchangeable gantries, Capacity-on-Demand, maximum flexibility in a small footprint – visitors of this year’s APEX can experience "live" the many innovative features which have made the new SIPLACE SX the most important placement platform in the SIPLACE portfolio in only a few months. Over 250 SIPLACE SX machines worldwide already help users make their production concepts significantly more flexible. Visitors of the SIPLACE booth will be able to experience the Capacity-on-Demand capabilities and the scalability of the SX platform in a high-mix production environment as complete gantries are being moved from one line to another in only a few minutes.

Random Setup: Install feeders anywhere

SIPLACE's 'Random Setup' is another option which will be of interest to manufacturers who want to make their SMT lines more flexible. This innovative setup concept turns traditional concepts upside down: Instead of having to base the setup on the placement program, the placement program adjusts to the setup. As part of the so-called 'kitting' process in the setup preparation area, each intelligent SIPLACE X feeder is 'married' via its barcode to the installed component. As a result, the feeder can be installed in virtually any open position while the placement machine keeps running, which is referred to as 'hot-swapping'. The feeder then announces itself to the line with its feeder ID (which is associated with the component mounted on the feeder), and the placement program adjusts automatically. If a component is set up on a machine with incompatible placement heads, the operating staff is notified via the feeder’s LED and can reposition it accordingly. According to SIPLACE users, this feature is the ultimate in production flexibility.

With Random Setup, the SIPLACE developers have combined the strengths of their software, X feeders, placement heads and current machine platforms into a comprehensive and highly flexible setup concept. Now operators can take advantage of open slots for the next product setup and produce even fast sequences of small lots without interruption.

SIPLACE MultiStar CPP head switches between modes on-the-fly

The innovative SIPLACE MultiStar CPP head plays an important role in making the production more flexible. It is the only head that is able to switch between the fast Collect & Place mode, the flexible Pick & Place mode and the highly efficient mixed mode depending on the current component. The placement program redefines the mode for each cycle. That way, SMT lines can be optimally balanced and handle frequent product changeovers with no time-consuming reconfigurations or head replacements and assures an almost maximum placement performance for all component sizes.

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