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DIVSYS International, LLC Busy at APEX 2011

Mar 22, 2011

DIVSYS International, LLC folks will be busy at the IPC APEX show in Las Vegas this year. DIVSYS has developed an excellent relationship with GM Components Holdings, LLC (GMCH), a potential source of production for ceramic boards and thick film hybrids. DIVSYS will also be competing for the 2011 Circuits Assembly Service Excellence Award that will be announced on the first evening of the show, and Tammie Fish speaking at the Women in Electronics Breakfast!

DIVSYS has the potential opportunity to work with GM Components Holdings, LLC. (formerly a division of Delphi). The close proximity of the two companies, decades of experience working together on projects, and the mutual appreciation for each other’s technical excellence invites the potential for GMCH and DIVSYS to work together to serve customers’ needs. Having the potential opportunity to add a Quick-turn Prototype and volume option for ceramic boards from a world leader to the offerings from DIVSYS truly sets them apart from other printed circuit board suppliers. GMCH is one of the largest (if not the largest) thick film printing manufacturer in the world. They not only print on 3.25” x 5.5” substrates, but they also offer a 6” x 8” option. Double-sided, multi-layer (including multiple metal levels), resistor printing and thermistor printing and trimming (

This year’s Circuits Assembly Service Excellence awards will be held on Tuesday, April 12th. DIVSYS is one of the contenders for the honor, which is given to the company with the highest rankings by their customers for overall service of their business. Such an award is coveted because it is the voice of the customer, reaffirming their relationship with their supplier.

Giving a speech on her experience as a woman in the electronics industry at the Women in Electronics Breakfast on the second day of the APEX show is a welcome treat for Tammie Fish, Managing Member of DIVSYS. Growing up in the industry, graduating from Purdue and then returning to the industry years later has provided a wealth of stories and experiences that Tammie will share at the breakfast.

Leading the printed circuit board industry by providing customers with access to experts with many decades of experience (each) in the fabrication and assembly of PC boards is how DIVSYS International, LLC differentiates itself in the marketplace. With a comprehensive laboratory for evaluation of PC boards in-house, DIVSYS only supplies its customers with boards that are guaranteed to meet or exceed their specifications. If assistance is needed in evaluation of the proper material, finish, stack-up or dimensioning, DIVSYS steps in to assist the customer in making the best selection for their application. Having the reputation as a “Problem Solver” has given DIVSYS the opportunity to work with customers in a wide variety of fields, from biomedical projects to highly classified military applications. It only makes sense that at the end of the day, DIVSYS customers are comfortable with the knowledge that the boards they received could be in a product that they or their family members may need to depend on in a life-critical situation.

About DIVSYS: DIVSYS International, LLC., is a woman-owned PC Board sales company. The brain trust at DIVSYS has many years of actual board fabrication and EMS experience in the high-reliability markets, such as aerospace, military, automotive, medical device and bio-medical industries. This advantage benefits both the customer and supplier, as our industry experts actually fabricated printed circuit boards and assembled components on those boards to create final assemblies. The DIVSYS model is the technical equivalent of a three legged stool where the legs are academic credentials, real world experience, and good analytical instruments. Remove either leg and the model loses credibility. Include the model with competitive pricing of the printed circuit boards and you have the niche that DIVSYS believes creates the most value for the customer.

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