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CSA Supports Green LED Applications Green Lighting 2011: Light Fertilizer Promotion Platform

Jan 19, 2011

Reed Exhibitions, the organizers of Green Lighting 2011, reports that the China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA) will hold a specialized forum on the application of light fertilizer in green planting at the show, to be held this May in Shanghai.

The forum will focus on the application of LED in greenhouse cultivation. This theme will be highlighted by various communications, product displays and discussions to be carried out among leading enterprises, experts and customers.

What is light fertilizer?

Scientists have discovered that the use of lighting improves crop production. For instance, red light irradiation can triple or even quadruple the volume of tomatoes and cucumbers produced and accelerate their maturing by an entire month. Blue light irradiation significantly increases the protein contents of crops; while red or yellow light accelerates the growth of carrots. Additionally, illuminated soy beans can ripen 20 days earlier and have a protein content 2 percent higher than those produced without the use of illumination. Light that produces such fertilizing effects is called “light fertilizer.”

Together with the progressive development of semiconductors, LED, as a new semiconductor light source applicable to greenhouse cultivation, is receiving a growing amount of attention for its advantages over traditional light source technologies. Currently, the application of LED in greenhouse cultivation is spreading and the future for LED looks promising.

China, with its large area of greenhouse cultivation, will focus its attention on green agriculture. The emphasis will be on practices to achieve green agriculture through physical means. Also listed in the agenda is the subject of developing high-efficiency, high-quality, disease-resistant and non-polluting agricultural practices that increase production through light fertilizer.

Based on the forum, themed segments for products to be featured at the show will be added. Companies can exhibit their advanced products in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, ecology and environmental protection. Through visual displays, keynote addresses and discussions inspired by the theme forum, companies can help potential customers understand new technologies, their advantages and the optimal application of their products.

The organizers also will arrange for industry buyers from this particular segment to visit exhibitors’ booths, take part in onsite seminars and hold business talks. The themed forum and its related activities will serve as an efficient platform to promote the application of LED in greenhouse cultivation.

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