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With 90% Booths Already Sold, NEPCON China 2011 Expects an Impressive Opening in May 2011

Dec 07, 2010

NEPCON China 2011 will be held in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center from May 11th to May 13th, 2011. To date 90% of the booths have already been sold, a strong indication of the trust and confidence in the NEPCON brand and represents further confirmation that NEPCON China is a leading international electronic manufacturing feast in China, demonstrating an in-depth knowledge of the current market focus and industrial trends while providing unique and highly valuable cooperation and business opportunities to its participants.

Many of the leading global SMT facility manufacturers and material suppliers, including Assembleon, Agilent, Siemens, Sony, Hitachi, Samsung, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Scaime, Henkel, Yamaha, Tokyo Juki, Dek and Xunke have reserved booths for this event and will be joined by almost 100 first-time exhibitors including Patena, Advanced Screwdriver, PMC, Rico, Stena, Vitrox and Hiwin, who have also ordered their next-year booths in advance.

Together with the consistently promising market of smart phones, digital cameras, desktops and laptops, and the quick increase in Solar PV, LED, auto electronics, avionics and medical electronics, the SMT market now steps into a stable development phase. Diorled predicts that LED will sweep over the backlight market of the laptop PC screen.

It’s also anticipated that by 2012 the output value of auto electronics in China will be RMB 300 billions Yuan. The current market volume of medical electronics in China has arrived at RMB 25 billions Yuan, attaining a year-on-year growth of over 16%. All of this unveils the sound trend in 2011. NEPCON China 2011 will, by combining all of their market focus, provide an energetic and exciting trade and communication platform, help exhibitors enhance their competitiveness, seize more market share and explore new business opportunities all of which will serve as the optimal path for companies to enter into the emerging fields in China’s electronic manufacturing industry.

NEPCON China 2011 will put forward a new Green Electronics Design & Manufacturing Pavilion, which is dedicated for the promotion of energy efficient, environment friendly equipment, products and services.. The pavilion will serve to offer suppliers a timely and efficient platform to promote their integrated solutions of green manufacturing. It will cover four exhibition segments, Green Electronics Recycling, Quality Control, Assembly & Materials and ESD.

In addition to unique visitors of NEPCON, the Pavilion will attract attendees in professional fields such as environment safety and protection, supply chain/material management, factory administration and other related departments.

As one of the Pavilions’ highlights, the Green Electronics Recycling segment is expected to receive a vast amount of attention. Statistics have shown that in 2010, 30 million household electronic appliances were recycled; this amounts to approximately 20% of all sales of the five main household electronic appliances in 2008. In recent years, under the supervision of national policies and regulations, domestic electronic manufacturers, recycling and processing companies are destined to transform technologies and R&D toward green industries.

How to apply scientific methods, advanced and practical technologies and equipments to achieve green and reasonable recycling and processing solutions has become an urgent and important issue for the companies. The Green Electronics Design and Manufacturing Pavilion, the best exhibiting and communicating platform for global leading green recycling services and equipments suppliers, will help companies meet potential clients in China while interpreting policies, regulations and analyzing industry needs.

NEPCON has continuously devoted itself to improving investment return rates and attracting quality professional visitors and purchasers. In accordance with the constantly changing development trends and focus in industries, it expands its geographic area and industries scope both horizontally and vertically, thus upgrading and perfecting itself.

NEPCON China 2011 is expected to receive 18,000 professional visitors. Not only will it continue to assist exhibitors to enhance their business in east and south China, but it will also help attract potential buyers from new emerging markets like west, central and north China. Purchasing needs from multi-fields will add even more potential opportunities. Aside from traditional fields such as auto electronics, medical electronics and PC, visitors in Solar PV and wind power are also expected. Invited overseas visitors are predominantly from South East Asia; India, Vietnam, Japan and Korea. Meanwhile, Green Lighting Shanghai 2011, which is to be held simultaneously by China Solid State Lighting Alliance and Reed Exhibitions, will attract more professional LED visitors.

NEPCON will tailor innovative integrated marketing solutions to exhibitors and potential clients, by various promoting channels, such as face-to-face events, road shows, 365-day online portal, magazines and mobile platforms throughout the year.

The Marketing Principle of Asia and China headquarters of Henkel Electronics Business, stated that “After NEPCON put forward its integrated marketing communication, Henkel enhanced its brand and market image, by booth promoting, eNEPCON channel promotion, advertisements on SMT Home and conference sponsorship in less developed cities, all of which have amplified Henkel’s market influence on the electronics manufacturing industry with fruitful results. Closer and deeper cooperation with NEPCON is anticipated.”

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