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Protective Overlays for Flexible Electronics

Nov 24, 2010

Selecting a durable substrate for your printed electronics application can be half the required effort. Protecting the printed circuit from harsh environments by encapsulating with a protective overlay may be required.

To help provide this protection, Polyonics is offering protective overlays designed to withstand harsh environments. These overlays use either a PEN ( XL-1600P) or polyimide film ( XL-1501P, XL-1502P) along with a durable pressure sensitive adhesive that can be cold laminated to a printed circuit and provide excellent protection from abrasion, harsh chemical and high temperatures.

"As printed electronics evolves into new applications, the complexity of the ink systems and circuit design require greater protection" notes Tom Rogers, Marketing Director at Polyonics. "Selecting the correct substrates to print on is critical, but covering or encapsulating can be just as important."

These protective overlays are a good match for Polyonics polyimide substrates which have a durable coating that improves printability. Polyonics has partnered with key ink suppliers to ensure that these substrates are printable and have good ink anchorage. These substrates when matched with Polyonics protective overlays provide a durable system for protecting printed circuits.

These protective overlays can also be provided with static dissipation and flame retardant features. These substrates comply with the requirements of RoHS, REACH, and are certified to be halogen free to the IEC 61249-2-21 levels.

To learn more about these unique protective overlays and substrates or request samples, please feel free to contact a technical expert at +1(603)352-1415 or email at

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