CB-FS750 Sharp Tip Swab

Nov 05, 2010

CB-FS750 Sharp Tip Swab

CB-FS750 Sharp Tip Swab

CB-FS750 Sharp Tip Swab

CB-FS750 Sharp Tip Swab

CB-FS750 Sharp Tip Swab

CleanseBay CB-FS750


CB-FS750 Anti-static Cleanroom Swab is constructed from compressed, 100 ppi (Z) open-cell polyurethane foam that is free from organic contaminants such as silicone, amides or phthalate esters. The foam is thermally bonded to the handle, thus, eliminating the use of contaminating adhesive or coatings. Laundered and packed under an ISO Class 4 Cleanroom, the foam exhibits low particulate and ionic content. It has excellent compatibility with most common solvents including acetone as well as excellent sorbency and solvent-holding capacity.

The foam head is compressed and possesses good firmness. The pointed, non-abrasive foam head is designed for cleaning small, slotted areas.

The swab handle is ESD-safe and is made from polypropylene. The handle is compact and will not contribute to particulate or organic contamination. Designed for general purpose cleaning, Cleansebay 750D Anti-static Cleanroom Swabs are the ideal swabs to use in cleaning static sensitive components or parts.


- Free from silicone, amide and DOP

- Low non-volatile residue

- Low in both particles and ion content

- Excellent solvent-holding capacity

- Compatible with most common solvents

- No contaminating adhesives or coatings


- Low nonvolatile residue

- Low particle generation

- Good sorbency and excellent solvent hold

- No contaminating adhesives

- ESD control without contaminating carbon or metal loading

- No blooming ionic antistats

- No contaminating coatings

- Humidity-independent ESD control for consistent performance

- Safely dissipates charges in under two seconds when used with

a solvent such as IPA


- Micro-mechanical cleaning

- Remove contamination from disk drives

- Effectively clean small, hard to reach areas with solvents such as IPA

- Remove flux residue and excess materials

- For general purpose cleaning


Item Details

Swab Tip Imported Clean Polyurethane Foam

Tip Width 3.2mm(0.126")

Tip Thickness 3.2mm(0.126")

Tip Length 10.0mm(0.394")

Handle Material Polypropylene

Handle Width 2.5mm(0.098")

Handle Thickness 2.5mm(0.098")

Handle Length 66.0mm(2.598")

Total Swab Length 76.0mm(2.992 ")

Bonding Thermal Bonding

Color Light Green

Packing 100pcs/inner pack; 5packs/bag; 500pcs/bag

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