CB-FS708 Circular Head Swab

Nov 05, 2010

CB-FS708 Swab

CB-FS708 Swab

CB-FS708 Circular Head Swab

CleanseBay CB-FS708


CB-FS708 Circular Head Swab is a large, general-purpose swab for cleaning curved surfaces. It's opened-cell polyurethane foam head possesses excellent durability and cushioning. A rigid internal paddle provides firm support. The large polypropylene handle enables good control and ease of use.


- Rounded polyurethane foam head over rigid paddle

- Opened-cell structure

- Large polypropylene handle

- Thermally sealed head

- Soft and nonabrasive


- Low particle and fiber generation

- Excellent strength

- Good chemical resistance


- Cleaning with solvents such as IPA

- Applying lubricants and other liquids

- Removing excess materials

- Scrubbing applications


Item Details

Swab Tip Imported Clean Polyurethane Foam

Tip Width 19.2 mm (0.756")

Tip Thickness 8.5 mm (0.335")

Tip Length 26.7 mm (1.051")

Handle Material Polypropylene

Handle Width 6.6 mm (0.260")

Handle Thickness 3.2 mm (0.126")

Handle Length 105.5 mm (4.154")

Total Swab Length 132.2 mm (5.205")

Bonding Thermal Bonding

Color Light Green

Packing 50pcs/bag

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