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STI Electronics Inc’s SIR Test Protocol Receives Prestigious Global Technology Award

Oct 27, 2010

MADISON, AL - STI Electronics, Inc., a full service organization providing training, electronic and industrial distribution, consulting, laboratory analysis, prototyping, and small- to medium-volume PCB assembly, announces that it has been awarded a Global Technology Award in the category of Contract Services < $100 million for its Accelerated SIR Test Protocol for Hi-Rel Electronics Life Reliability Testing. The award was presented to David Raby, President & CEO, during a Tuesday, October 26, 2010 ceremony that took place during SMTA International at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando, FL.

STI’s materials qualification test protocol uses a modification to standard SIR test procedures and offers an accelerated method to qualify assembly materials and processes for high reliability (hi-rel) electronics hardware operating in harsh environments. The deadly combination of heat and moisture (humidity), electrical potential (voltage bias), and ionic contamination (residue) is enough to create electrochemical failures (dendritic growth), thus producing dielectric failure and current leakage – both of which result in degradation in performance, if not complete failure, of the electronics assembly.

With faster data sampling rates and a more aggressive test environment (moisture in addition to temperature cycling), STI’s accelerated SIR test protocol is designed to provide a cost-efficient, quick-turn evaluation of both assembly materials and manufacturing processes through industry standard SIR testing (captured every 24hrs) and STI’s supplementary voltage monitor testing (captured every 60 seconds).

Premiering in 2005, the Global Technology Awards program is an annual celebration of product excellence in electronics surface mount assembly. Premier products based on the finest examples of creative advancement in technology are chosen by a distinguished panel of industry experts.

Since 1982, STI Electronics, Inc. (STI) has been the premier full service organization for training, consulting, laboratory analysis, prototyping, and small- to medium-volume PCB assembly in the electronics industry. STI also produces a complete line of solder training kits and training support products. Additionally, the company distributes products for the electronics and industrial markets. For more information, visit

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