ShouldCost is now a service

Oct 26, 2010

(WEST BRANCH, MI) – Micro Estimating Systems, world leader in Engineering based costing software and ShouldCost LLC an engineering based service provider, have announced a strategic business alliance to offer Engineering as a Service (EAS). provides a service that includes pricing of manufactured parts and assemblies to the OEM, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Defense industries. also provides answers for procurement agents, validation specialists and costing engineers. The new company uses state of the art technology combined with superior engineering talent to provide the end user with a true ShouldCost from prototype to production.

“ShouldCost will assist in all aspects of manufacturing from small to large companies. One benefit to manufacturers is that ShouldCost will help with a temporary backlog of estimates, strengthen your negotiating position with vendors and ultimately gives you the ability to increase profit through a more effective use of your resources,” Michael Holland, ShouldCost CEO, said.

“This break from the traditional way of determining what a part ShouldCost prior to committing to accepting a purchase order is a necessity in today’s competitive marketplace,” said Bernard Woods, MicroEstimating Systems CEO. “With ShouldCost manufacturers are now able to validate their vendor and internal pricing with confidence.”

For information on ShouldCost, or to ask about our Partner Program, call 586-261-1910, email to, or visit us online at or

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Oct 26, 2010 -

ShouldCost is now a service

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