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  • Yash Sutariya to Present at IPC Technology Interchange on Thermal Management: Getting the Heat Out

Yash Sutariya to Present at IPC Technology Interchange on Thermal Management: Getting the Heat Out

Sep 30, 2010

LED PCB Manufacturing Group

LED PCB Manufacturing Group

Yash Sutariya, VP of Saturn Electronics Corporation, LED PCB Fabrication Manufacturer, to provide insight to PCB Designers and Assemblers.

At "Thermal Management in End Applications: Dissipating the Heat Away from the Base of LEDs" at the upcoming IPC Technology Interchange on Thermal Management: Getting the Heat Out,, Sutariya will provide end product solutions countering the diminishing lifespans of Light Emitting Diodes.

"Transmitting heat to less critical areas and providing increased dielectric strength in LED MCPCBs results in increased thermal conductivity while lowering thermal resistance," says Sutariya. "The way to accomplish this is to focus on your needs and to control the fabrication notes by board-specific utilization of various materials to include metal heatsink / backing, aluminum core, metal core, copper or other metallic core, or heavy copper."


Other presentations and workshops included at Thermal Management Conference include:

Thermal Management in PCB Design from Concept to Manufacturing

This workshop will address how to develop an effective thermal management strategy and methodology, using real-world examples. Students will develop an understanding of how thermal analysis and modeling requirements change during the course of the design cycle, from conceptual to final thermal design and manufacturability. Some specific considerations covered in this session include:

* heat sink optimization at varying stages

* weighing the pros and cons of discrete versus monolithic heat sink cooling strategies

* copper distribution capturing

* the integration with board layout tools and how they benefit the designer as the cycle progresses

About the Instructor

Nate Hanlon is a consultant engineer with the Mechanical Analysis Division engineering team at Mentor Graphics. He uses CFD tools to perform thermal and airflow analysis on a wide range of engineering problems, including electronic systems, data centers and clean rooms. Previously with the Mechanical Analysis Division, Nate specialized in the application of CFD to the design of the built environment and electronic equipment. He has a mechanical engineering degree from San Jose State University.

PCB Material Options and Properties Relative to Thermal Management

Designing for thermal management requires a thorough understanding of the materials available today. There are many different materials for thermal management PCB fabrication and they vary in thermal performance, electrical performance, and cost. Some designs may require high performance thermal materials; others may be able to utilize a more standard and economical option. This workshop will cover

* Standard and lead free compatible dielectrics (prepregs)

* Epoxy and polyimide films

* Metallic substrates (copper and aluminum)

* Formulas to help calculate which materials are necessary for your design

* Thermal and electrical characteristics as well as cost considerations

* How your material selection affects reliability of the components in your design

About the Instructors

Chris Hunrath has 28 years experience in the PCB industry starting in PCB manufacturing. The last 17 years has been in chemistry and materials supply. Chris is currently the technical director for Integral Technology, a developer of new materials for the PCB industry.

Terry Staskowicz has been involved in the PCB industry for 14 years. He has held various positions including operator, R&D technician to process engineering. For the last five years, he has been a technical account manager for Insulectro. He is also involved market research and development of thermal management materials in partnership with Integral Technologies.

Thermal Management in End Applications: Automotive

* Bruce Myers, Principal Technical Fellow, Delphi

Advancements in Heat Sinks for PCB Applications

* Dr. Sukhvinder Kang, CTO, Aavid Thermalloy

Advancements in Thermal Gels


Package Thermal Management

* Representative from Intel

The Influence of Copper Planes in Printed Board Thermal Management

* Ken Bahl, President, Sierra Circuits

Military Platform Thermal Management and Electronics Cooling: Global and Local Optimization vs. COTS

* Gera

Saturn Electronics Corporation

Trusted Adviser: MCPCBs for LED Applications

Saturn’s DFM Engineers provide specification for the LED MCPCB that support PCB Designers in choosing pcb materials to best suit the customer's purpose and needs.

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