Electronics Reliability Summit Goes Virtual

Sep 07, 2010

London, United Kingdom - Trafalgar Publications announces that in addition to the physical conference, it will offer delegates outside of Europe the opportunity to attend the Electronics Reliability summit in Tallinn, Estonia, 21-23 September as a Virtual Delegate. Using specialized software that combines webcasting and a video display of the presenter, delegates will be able to remotely attend each presentation and join in the debate, or ask questions after each session using the chat and/or a Twitter facility.

This will be the first time that a virtual conference will be held alongside a physical conference in the electronics industry. It offers delegates outside of Europe the opportunity to attend a world-class conference without incurring travelling and accommodation costs.

Marc Chason, Conference Chairman, said, “We are excited about this new technology, which will enable delegates from all around the world to participate in the Reliability Summit. When we add this to the many European delegates and VIPs who will be attending, this new dimension will contribute greatly to a most successful event. " 

For more information, visit the conference Web site at http://www.europeanelectronicsummit.com.

About Trafalgar Publications Ltd.

Trafalgar Publications Ltd. is a global media company that provides conferences, and print and electronic publications to the electronics manufacturing and renewable energy industries. Founded in 2000, the company is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has representative offices in Brazil, China, India, Korea and the United States.

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