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Bob Willis PoP and BGA Inspection Webinars sponsored by Nordson DAGE

Aug 27, 2010

Webinar presented by Bob Willis

Webinar presented by Bob Willis

Thursday 2 September at 2.30pm BST

Package on Package (PoP) applications are growing in popularity for mobile and handheld professional electronics applications and with it placing further demands on assembly engineers. In simple terms POP represents the stacking of components one on top of another either during the original component manufacture or during printed board assembly. As real estate is at a premium for logic and memory, PCB designers say the only way to go is up and up. POP packaging systems may include direct soldering, wire bonding or conductive adhesives for device to device interconnection.

PoP is new to many contract and OEM assembly staff but with the demands of paste dipping, reflow warpage, increased placement accuracy/Z height control process introduction can be demanding. The difficulty in multi level ball inspection can be a challenge for x-ray equipment procedures as level one balls can mask level two and three interconnections. Manual inspection can be used but with these applications space is often not available for side viewing.

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Topics covered:

What is Package on Package (PoP)?

Component standards

PCB design rules

Application of tack flux or dip paste

Optical and X-ray inspection

Rework and repair

Question and answer session

BGA X-Ray and OPtical Inspection

Monday 8th November at 10.00am and 18.00 BST

Area Array Technology is part of mainstream electronics but until recently very little inspection criteria were available in the industry. The assembly process for BGAs is fairly well understood for tin/lead alloys but with the move to lead-free assembly, new QFN and LGA packages there are critical issues to consider during inspection. The workshop covers optical and x-ray inspection of solder joints for both tin/lead and lead-free terminations. It includes an introduction to the lead-free assembly process with specific attention to BGA and area array devices. It provided a step by step guide to the procedure of inspection for optical and x-ray showing you how to do it. Inspection criteria are included for x-ray and visual criteria on different lead-free terminations and pad surfaces.

Presented by Bob Willis

Topics covered:

Lead-free Alloys - BGA – Area Array – Land Grid Array Reflow

Inspection Techniques

Inspection Procedures - Optical Inspection - X-Ray Inspection

Industry Inspection Criteria

Common process problems

Defect Guide

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