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Atmel MBS-SAM9G45 Evaluation Kit

Aug 19, 2010

Atmel SAM9G45 Eval Kit

Atmel SAM9G45 Eval Kit

The ATMEL MBS-SAM9G45 Evaluation Kit is a low power, high performance single board computer produced by Embest, it is consisted of one base board (MBM-SAM-9G) and one processor card (MBC-SAM9G45), this evaluation kit based on ATMEL AT91SAM9G45 (ARM926EJ-S Core) microcontroller intended for applications such as the for examples, POS terminals, security, building automation, industrial control, medical, PC and gaming peripherals, toys and cellular phone accessories, data acquisition system, handheld devices, and intelligent instruments and other fields. It has a flexible design with a tiny daughter board MBC-SAM9G45 mounted directly onto the mother board through a QTH-060-01-L-D-A expansion but connector.

The daughter board (MBC-SAM9G45) integrates a AT91SAM9G45 processor and plenty of memories on board. It extends most features of the AT91SAM9G45 through 120 pins bus expansion connector. The mother board provides a rich set of peripherals and interfaces including Ethernet, USB Host & Device, RS232/TTL/RS422 Serial ports, Audio, LCD, Keyboard, SD/MMC, Buttons, LEDs etc.

Embest offers Linux 2.6 BSP and WinCE6.0 BSP for this board. Customers can use it already or use it for your design reference.

For more information about the Atmel MBS-SAM9G45 SBC Board, please refer to:

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