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Vi TECHNOLOGY exhibits its latest AOI solution REVEAL Imager at SEMICON Taiwan 2010

Aug 17, 2010

The REVEAL Imager Series is a breakthrough Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system for the semiconductor Camera Modules manufacturing industry.

The REVEAL Imager Series is a breakthrough Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system for the semiconductor Camera Modules manufacturing industry.

Saint-Egrève, France – Vi TECHNOLOGY exhibits its latest semiconductor AOI solution REVEAL Imager at Semicon Taiwan 2010 (Taipei World Trade Center) from September 8th to 10th, in co-exhibition with STC at booth 862.

The REVEAL Imager Series is a breakthrough Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system for the semiconductor Camera Modules manufacturing industry. This solution drastically decreases assembly costs and improves the quality levels of image sensors and camera modules manufacturing assembly in Back End Of the Line environments. This versatile AOI provides best automated inspection capabilities for foreign materials and process defects thereby selecting only the know-good-dies and exact positioning of the sensor to significantly improve the lens-attach process yields. With a high flexibility and best automated inspection capabilities at production speed, the REVEAL Imager Series is a major contributor to assembly costs savings and provides a competitive edge to customers;

Designed with a robust and field-proven granite-based gantry for absolute stability, REVEAL Imager Series features high-accuracy axes. The Vi TECHNOLOGY® REVEAL product line high-end optical acquisition system with a sub-micron pixel size. It accurately detects any foreign material sized above 1-2?m, and checks for process defects such as striations, stain, or watermarks, etc... This AOI solution ensures a perfect cleanliness of the Image sensor before its assembly with the lens module and detects these defects on naked sensors or glass-capped TSV sensors. The inspection can be made at the pixel level or at the top or bottom sides of the capping glass material for maximum quality. At the same time, it can measure and forward-feed the exact sensor and pixel array positioning (array center X, Y; sensor rotation and tilt) to the lens attach system, to perfectly align the sensor and lens module optical axes. This feature set is a significant contributor to the lens-attach process yield improvement.

The REVEAL Imager Series optimizes the costs related to assembled materials (modules) and process steps (lens attach, final test, quality control…) by applying them to “known-good-dies” only. The automated optical inspection accuracy and repeatability levels allow an efficient replacement and improvement over manual inspection.

“The Camera modules packaging industry is currently under very high cost pressure. Components – sensors and lenses - become more and more complex and expensive, and every additional yield point significantly decreases skyrocketing scrap costs. To sustain the high-volume production of such high-end sensors, new ways of performing optical inspection become mandatory”, said Jean-Yves Gomez, CEO of Vi TECHNOLOGY.

“By combining high inspection accuracy for micron-level defect detection and high production throughput, Vi TECHNOLOGY®‘s REVEAL Imager Series provide a flexible and breakthrough solution to this packaging processes. The first on-site trials have demonstrated the capability and the huge cost savings generated by this inspection process. With a Return on Investment that can be as fast as one to three months, there is no wonder this product has already received such a great welcome in the industry”, he added.

The REVEAL Imager system is a turnkey solution allowing either a standalone or an integrated in-line use with customized handling equipment. It can therefore be adapted to any products type and size as well as any carriers’ kind such as stiffeners, PCBs or strips… Proposed with a factory-backed extended portfolio of warranty, support and services contracts, the REVEAL Imager AOI Series is a best-in-class solution that drastically decreases camera modules assembly costs and improves the production quality.

Vi TECHNOLOGY® REVEAL Imager new product is the first addition to the field-proven REVEAL Series AOI already available for MEMS. It brings an unmatched benefit in terms of assembly cost savings.

Vi TECHNOLOGY is a worldwide global supplier for the design, manufacture, and support of a wide range of innovative, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment and software solutions for a multitude of applications; including PCB assembly, back-end semiconductor production, incoming inspection and process control.

Our goal is to create value for customers by developing technologies which follow the evolution of our shared market. Our R&D program focuses on enhancing existing products as well as offering technological breakthroughs to achieve a sustainable level of excellence. With nearly 20 years' experience, our systems meet even the most demanding requirements in terms of accuracy, repeatability, speed, and quality. We are confirmed leaders in the AOI market and offer turnkey solutions to maximize Return-On-Investment, decreasing cost-of-ownership in manufacturing plants. Our equipment is supported by world-class service with a 24-hour hotline ensuring fast response times. We also have a strong network of 200 fully trained agents and distributors in America, Asia-Pacific and Europe and Africa, to ensure any issues are reported immediately to our offices.

Our many customers include the Number 1 player in the automotive electronics market, the Number 1 in the contract electronics manufacturer, and the Number 1 player in the mobile phone industry. Our mission is to serve our customers worldwide to reach our Total Customer Satisfaction goals.

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