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Torenko and Associates Announces Vapor Phase Solder Seminar to be Held by IBL Technologies’ CEO Jochen Lipp at SMTA Houston Chapter Meeting

Jul 29, 2010

SUNNYVALE, TX - Torenko and Associates, a leading manufacturers’ representative organization specializing in the sales and marketing of premier electronic assembly equipment, production tools, test, inspection, and consumable products to the regional USA, announces that Jochen Lipp, CEO of IBL Technologies, will hold a Vapor Phase Solder seminar and onsite demonstration at the upcoming SMTA Houston Chapter meeting. The meeting is scheduled to take place Thursday, August 19, 2010 from 6-9 p.m. at TS3 Technology, Inc. in Stafford, TX. Torenko and Associates represents IBL Technologies in Texas and Mexico.

Mr. Lipp will review the materials, processes and reliability of vapor phase soldering solutions. The presentation will focus on materials selection based on environmental impact and market trends. It also will highlight the high-reliability, improved heat transfer, lower delta Ts, and oxygen-free atmosphere that are inherent to the vapor phase reflow process.

Following the presentation, discussions will be held on the benefits of vapor phase reflow with regard to complex assemblies. Benefits of vapor phase reflow include lead-free soldering, vacuum-vapor phase reflow machines and the lowest operating cost. BGAs, stacked packages, and significantly improved changeover times also will be discussed. Other topics that will be visited include the elimination of anomalies such as tombstoning, voiding, delamination, and popcorning that are typical of standard convection reflow.

Jochen Lipp holds degrees in electronics and business. He has been in the electronics manufacturing industry for the past 20 years. Lipp was COO of EPIC Technologies for 10 years and part of a team that grew the company from 250 employees and one factory to six factories with more than 2,700 employees. Prior to joining EPIC in October 1999, Jochen Lipp served as the Operations Manager for Alcoa Fujikura, Ltd. (AFL) in Juarez, Mexico since 1995. Mr. Lipp also was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006.

Torenko and Associates was founded by Ron Torenko and is headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex with other locations in the regional USA and Mexico. Sales Engineering personnel are factory trained, process knowledgeable, and have process experts standing by for assistance via conference calling and onsite meetings. For more information, visit

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