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Smart Sonic Celebrates 20 Years of Leadership in the Stencil Cleaning Technology

Jul 22, 2010

Model 6000 Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner

Model 6000 Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaner

Smart Sonic unveiled the world’s first ultrasonic stencil cleaning process in 1990 at the NEPCON West Show.

For the past two decades Smart Sonic has offered the only stencil cleaning process that has kept pace with the many changes driven by environmental regulations and technology’s “faster, smaller, cheaper” syndrome:

• Changes in stencil materials from brass to stainless steel to nickel-etched foils; from cast aluminum and extruded aluminum frames to frameless stencils;

• Changes in fabrication from chem-etch to laser-cut to E-fab apertures;

• Changes in cleaning chemistries from CFC and VOC solvents to semi-aqueous to aqueous chemistries;

• Changes in cleaning machines from vapor degreasing to spray-in-air to spray-under-immersion to ultrasonics;

• Changes in solder paste from RA, RMA, water washable, synthetic, and no-clean to lead-free.

Smart Sonic is the only stencil cleaning process to support all of these changes with the right machine, the best chemistry, and the correct waste management. Smart Sonic users have never needed to modify or replace their stencil cleaning process since 1990, saving them thousands of dollars in needless process and equipment changes.

In 1999 the Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaning Process was certified environmentally safe, user safe and effective by the California Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and verified by the U.S. EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification

(ETV) Program. No other cleaning process has since obtained this recognition.

Most recently, Smart Sonic introduced EnviroGuard™, the only 100% closed-loop aqueous-based stencil cleaner.

What will the standard be tomorrow? The only thing for certain is yet more change and Smart Sonic will provide the leadership in stencil-cleaning technology to support the changes for another 20 years!

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