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Bliss Industries to Launch New BlissLift with Increased Capacity

Jun 23, 2010

BlissLift 400

BlissLift 400

Bliss Industries Inc., provider of material handling carts and racks for PCB assembly, introduces the new BlissLift (BL600) with a more robust column, larger lift platform and increased load capacity.

The new BL600 operates identically to the standard BlissLift. It boasts the same easy-to-use controls that help prevent dents and scratches during product movement. The lift also features the same adjustable width legs and push bar. The standard model (BL400) lifts 400 lbs with a 12" load center. The new BL600 features a heavy duty column, capable of lifting more than 600 lbs at a 24" load center.

The new lift platform can pick up 19" rackmount chassis and works with the standard Bliss Chassis Cart. Bliss also is developing a larger Chassis Cart that will measure approximately 36" from front-to-back. Additionally, Bliss plans to offer an optional pre-installed outlet strip for burn-in and test applications.

We are very excited about the new lift and expect to make it a standard product soon,” said Shana Bliss, VP of Sales & Marketing.

For companies building large 19" rackmount chassis that are larger than 20" from front-to-back but not exceeding 36", the new BlissLift is the ideal solution. Additionally, larger custom platforms can be supplied for virtually any size chassis.

Bliss Industries is now offering special pricing on advance orders.

Bliss Industries offers a wide variety of ESD-safe products for industries specializing in lean electronics manufacturing. Our carts and racks safely store fragile PC boards, SMT feeders, fixtures, tooling and inventory. They protect them from damage and factory abuse with a heavy duty welded tubular steel frame. For more than 30 years, Bliss has been the leader in SMT (Surface Mount Technology) cart-based manufacturing systems, increasing uptime and throughput. Bliss provides expert process engineering support as well as custom cart engineering. Give us a call at 408-945-8401 or visit

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