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Siegfried Neubauer returns to SIPLACE headquarters

Jun 23, 2010

After more than seven years, SIPLACE head of Asian operations Siegfried Neubauer (46) returns to the headquarters of Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems GmbH & Co. KG (SEAS) in Munich. By setting up SIPLACE’s Asia cluster and establishing close contacts with large international customers and the company’s plant in Singapore, Neubauer contributed significantly to the successful expansion of the company’s business in Asia. He recently turned over his responsibilities in Asia to the SIPLACE CEO in China, Andy Wen, and the recently appointed CEO in Singapore Jack Chua, both of whom he prepared for these new positions in recent years along with their teams.

"Siegfried Neubauer has made a huge difference in our Asia business, not only with respect to the good relationships he established with many customers in the region, but especially in the way he built a competent, highly motivated team and split the local operation off from the Siemens group. I congratulate his successors Andy Wen and Jack Chua and wish them lots of success for the future," said SIPLACE CEO Günter Lauber about the top manager’s successful tenure. "Our setup in Asia with the China cluster and the Southeast Asia cluster (which includes Japan and Korea) couldn’t function any better. I am very pleased how he implemented my goal of establishing SIPLACE as a mid-sized company that’s strong, fast and close to the customer."

"The SIPLACE teams in China and Southeast Asia, including the factory in Singapore, have been set up and function very well. With Andy Wen and Jack Chua, two very experienced colleagues whom I highly appreciate are taking over the helm. The close cooperation which both have practiced for a long time with headquarters and their colleagues in other SIPLACE clusters is one the secrets to the SIPLACE team’s success, I believe. My work at SIPLACE’s Asia cluster is therefore done," said Siegfried Neubauer as he bids goodbye to his team after more than seven years in the Far East.

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