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SIPLACE and Mentor Graphics cooperate to deliver state of the art integration value

Jun 18, 2010

Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems GmbH &Co. KG (SEAS), innovations leader in SMT placement solutions, and Mentor Graphics Corporation, (NASDAQ: MENT)the market and technology leader in electronic systems design to manufacturing solutions, announce the first phase of integration between Siemens’ SIPLACE product range and Mentor’s Valor® MSS™ suite of manufacturing operations products via the SIPLACE Operations Information Broker (OIB).

The SIPLACE OIB interface technology provides advanced capabilities for information exchange between Valor MSS and the entire range of SIPLACE SMT placement machines. The key point is that factory and line-level management software from Valor and machine-level software and hardware functionality on the SIPLACE side of the OIB interface can evolve flexibly without the need to change the interface itself. This sustainable interoperability is the main value for end-users who can select systems from Mentor Graphics and Siemens with the confidence that they will work together long-term, delivering value as a combined system with minimum downtime and production mistakes that arise from data communication problems. Users will be able to implement new software versions on each side of the interface with full confidence that the system will continue to run as intended, long term.

“Mentor Graphics is fully committed to the support of technologies that provide intelligent, sustainable and robust methods to integrate machines and other shop-floor processes into a factory-wide management system. We welcome the SIPLACE OIB interface providing this level of functionality for the entire range of current Siemens machines ensuring maximum value and customer satisfaction” said Julian Coates, director of business development, Valor Division of Mentor Graphics.

The SIPLACE Team and the team from Mentor Graphics Valor division mapped out a phased approach to the OIB implementation. Phase-1 of the SIPLACE OIB integration is available now and includes critical information required for program control, an essential part of the site-software to machine-hardware integration. Future phases include synchronization of materials operations and real-time data management.

“The SIPLACE team is convinced that machine vendors and software providers should work closely together on a seamlessly integrated portfolio that provides customers with the best solutions of each company with sustainable interoperability” said Robert Huber, Director of Software Solutions at SEAS. “OIB is the perfect integration platform for this target and we are pleased to see that Mentor has already completed the first phase of migrating its portfolio towards it. We are sure that SIPLACE customers will appreciate the benefits of it.”

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SIPLACE and Mentor Graphics cooperate to deliver state of the art integration value

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