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Dow Corning Solar Solutions and Krayden, Inc. Sign Distribution Agreement to Support Industry Growth

May 07, 2010

Krayden, Inc., a leading silicone supplier that specializes in technical knowledge and support for high-tech based applications, signed a distribution agreement with Dow Corning Solar Solutions, a global leader in silicones and silicone-based technology, to address growing industry needs in solar manufacturing.

In an agreement with Dow Corning Solar Solutions, Krayden, Inc. is now an authorized distributor of their PV-based silicone materials. Krayden, Inc. offers manufacture trained representatives for both established and new silicone materials being developed by Dow Corning to increase efficiency in the solar panel and photovoltaic manufacturing industries. Combining the technically trained support, re-packaging, dispensing and processing solutions offered by Krayden, Inc. throughout North America, the pioneering silicone materials: adhesives and sealants being produced by Dow Corning Solar Solutions now provides the complete support required to accommodate the evolving solar market.

“With a long standing history and technical knowledge of the Dow Corning product lines supplying Dow Corning Electronics and Industrial Solutions, expanding our partnership to include Dow Corning Solar Solutions was a natural progression. We are proud to be adding Dow Corning PV silicones to our selected family of lines designed to complement each other and offer solar manufacturers and related businesses the best available options for their application needs. With the addition of the Dow Corning photovoltaic line, we are able to bring total value to the customer by offering full service solutions including; PV cell coatings, junction box potting agents and adhesives, ribbon solder, lead free solder, tapes, sealants and conductive inks.”

Many new materials are being produced by Dow Corning aimed at significantly increasing efficiency in solar manufacturing. Some silicone products in demand include; PV Cell and Module Coatings, PV Junction Box Potting Agents, PV Rail Bond Adhesives, PV Frame Sealants and PV Junction Box Adhesives. These products along with technical support in applications will be more accessible to a broader spectrum in the solar panel industry with the distribution services now offered by Krayden, Inc.

About Krayden, Inc.

Krayden, Inc. is a stocking distributor featuring adhesives, sealants, encapsulates, coatings, solder, solder chemicals, release agents, dispensing equipment and supplies with locations throughout the United States and Mexico. The company represents only the leaders in the engineered materials industry, and is fully supported by these manufacturers as well as committed to updating its customers' about new products for their applications. Krayden, Inc.’s inventory is constantly being monitored for quality and shelf life at all locations. The company has the ability to customize its inventory based on customer’s requirements, and it prides itself on having technical knowledge of its product lines. For more information, visit Krayden, Inc. at

About Dow Corning

Dow Corning Solar Solutions ( ) is one of the only companies in the world offering silicone-based solutions throughout the solar value chain. At many steps in the value chain, we are uncovering and creating new opportunities to deliver improved cost efficiency, durability and performance to the solar industry. Making solar energy economically competitive with traditional energy sources is a corporate priority for Dow Corning, directly linked to our commitment to sustainability.

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