ORPRO Vision exhibits at SMT 2010

Apr 29, 2010

Bench top in its last development phase

Bench top in its last development phase

Symbion S36 Plus

Symbion S36 Plus

Symbion P36 Plus

Symbion P36 Plus

Vantage S22 Plus

Vantage S22 Plus

ORPRO Vision is a global provider of Automated Optical Inspection solutions for the electronics assembly industry. We will showcase our complete range of AOI systems at SMT show booth 218, hall 6.

SMT takes place June 8-10 at the Messezentrum Nuremberg.

ORPRO Vision will demonstrate its complete range of paste and component inspection systems and the new table top prototype AOI system.

Symbion S36 Plus delivers top-of-the-line, full 3D component AOI performance, pre-reflow and post-solder, to help customers achieve outstanding operational efficiency and high first-pass yields in even the most demanding SMT or PTH environments.

The Symbion S36 Plus uses ORPRO Vision’s application software which minimizes programming complexity and reduces production debugging efforts. The new software meets the requirements of easy and fast programming independent from process variations like PCB and components colours, alloy type, etc.

More tests can now be refined and debugged using the intuitive DPIX interface. This simple to use interface allows the user to see the effect of changes in realtime, without repetitive testing. These features are fully complemented by ORPRO Vision’s unique off-line programming and optimization concept, newly extended with a one-click learnng feature for the built-in-intelligence learning tests: refine and debug programs offline without any impact on production throughput.

With an extremely low cost per board inspection and features such as our robust hardware architecture, customized board handling, data exportation, copy-exact capability and hi-end features such as logical operands, OCR, OCV, etc.., the competitively priced Symbion S36 Plus is one of the most attractive 3D AOI tools on the market.

For paste deposition analysis, the Symbion P36 Plus meets two important requirements: speed and precision. The solution is our patented Parallel Optical Path, POP, head structure. The Symbion P36 Plus creates dual, fully independent laser driven channels to analyze 100% of the board by complementary 2D and 3D methods.

The Symbion P36 Plus also uses ORPRO Vision’s newly developed software for easier and more reliable setup, capable of handling a huge assortment of paste deposits shapes and sizes using new features like bare board scan, package specific attributes, etc. Measurement precision is warranted by coupling the 2D and 3D results, creating a complete image built by their sum, yet managed independently, allowing for the best speed performance.

Software coupling of the 2 channels provides the best answer for production quality requirements. Powerful image processing software completes the job, reporting easy-to-use results which allows for optimal line setup and maintenance. Features like our common database with component AOI equipment, printer interface for data exchange, printer optimization and real-time SPC tools, the Symbion P36 Plus moves beyond basic inspection for defects and becomes a real time process tool.

The new Table-Top prototype AOI is surprising and exciting: full 3D inspection using 5 intelligent digital cameras, proprietary single-point illumination hardware, a newly developed set of software and an open cluster, native database. Our new image acquisition technology is at the forefront of ORPRO Vision’s next generation of AOI solutions. It is the shape of AOI to come.

ORPRO Vision looks forward to welcoming visitors to our booth 218 in hall 6.

For more information: http://www.orprovision.com .

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