Victron Expands to Rosarito, Mexico

Apr 19, 2010

Victron, Inc., a premier electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider of end-to-end manufacturing solutions, announces its expansion into a new manufacturing facility in Rosarito, Mexico.

Todd Lovejoy, COO, said, “To ramp from concept phase to fully operational status in just four short months is a testament to Victron’s dedication to expanding globally. Our new Rosarito site will offer our customers alternative business strategies and allow our Fremont, CA site to continue expansion in system integration, product fulfillment and logistics. Victron is aggressively addressing its customer’s global business requirements. Soon we will be announcing our expansion into China as well as other sites within the United States.”

Victron’s 30,000 sq.ft. Rosarito facility offers PCB assembly, in-circuit testing, functional testing, sub system and final system integration to its OEM customers in the medical, industrial and other markets.

Marty Crow, Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering, said, “The key to our success was a seamless ‘copy/exact’ approach to our manufacturing processes and equipment sets, hiring a highly experienced local workforce and implementing our established ISO 9001, 14001 and 13485 quality systems. We like the quiet community of Rosarito for its ample supply of skilled labor and very convenient proximity to the San Diego border. We have developed a process that allows the product to reach our Fremont plant in one to two days for final product fulfillment and to our customers in the United States. And we plan to grow our operations in Mexico based on our customer’s needs and new opportunities.”

Mr. Lovejoy also commented, "In support of new customer interest, we are planning to add another 30,000 sq. ft. within the same location and we believe we’ll be adding this additional capacity by the end of this year."

About Victron Inc.

Founded in 1983, with manufacturing sites in Fremont, CA and Rosarito, Mexico, Victron is a premier electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider of end-to-end manufacturing solutions from design services through complex product manufacturing of full system integration, product fulfillment and logistics for leading OEMs.

Victron offers highly flexible, scalable and fast response manufacturing and supply chain services using highly evolved proprietary software tools, execution-oriented manufacturing processes and technical expertise. The company’s services support its Fortune 500 customers in the Medical, Lab Sciences, Industrial, and Defense markets. For more information, please visit or contact us at 510-360-2222

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