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  • Vi TECHNOLOGY exhibits its full product range of AOI solutions at Nepcon China booth 4F10

Vi TECHNOLOGY exhibits its full product range of AOI solutions at Nepcon China booth 4F10

Apr 14, 2010

Saint-Egrève, France - Vi TECHNOLOGY exhibits its full product range of AOI solutions to reduce defective PCBAs at Nepcon China 2010 at Shanghai, from April 20th to 22nd booth 4F10.

For this occasion and to complete the portfolio, Vi TECHNOLOGY introduces the 2K HIGH SPEED, a fast and compact AOI solution. Designed to provide a solution to the most demanding applications, it combines very high throughput and extremely small components inspection to meet the challenges of miniaturization in high throughput SMT environments. It uses the optimum leading edge inspection technologies from Vi TECHNOLOGY in a compact and affordable product, without affecting the cycle time. Its high speed and high resolution camera offers 01005 components inspection capabilities for PCBs size up to 14” x 14”. Its user-oriented software, containing several wizards to guide users at each stage, makes the programming easy and reduces the learning curve. Equipped with the latest vision software suite, the 2K HIGH SPEED will provide 100% defect coverage at any location in the assembly line.

Vi TECHNOLOGY also demonstrates its latest features to bring more value and efficiency in the production process, developed with the customer in mind.

The Vi-3D-SPC integrated SPC software is a powerful, full featured, easy to use SPC modular software platform. It is fully integrated with the 3D-SPI machine; data transfer is over a high speed network connection directly from the source. Inspection items are summarized in a quick-read format to allow operators and engineers to quickly ascertain any patterns, thus aiding short-term corrective action. There are extensive flexible report functions for all needs with just 1 click.

The Selective 3D opens the path to the 3rd dimension to AOI. This feature allows the detection of coplanarity defects on flat surface components and avoids the installation of multi-cameras systems. This option provides accurate and repeatable tilt and coplanarity measure on ICs, connectors and passive components while inspecting their PCBAs without affecting the cycle time. Used for all applications, but mainly costly and high reliability end-user applications, in the Automotive, Industrial and Infrastructure segments, where defects must be identified. The issue is that most of those defects can be transparent to the electrical tests as well as 2D optical inspection and require additional and costly process-steps to eliminate them from production. Having this capability within the AOI provides significant savings and fast Return-On-Investment. The Selective 3D AOI technology is available on new machines or as an upgrade on existing installed 3K and 5K platforms.

Vi TECHNOLOGY® Super-resolution technology expands current 3K Series and 5K Series capabilities. State-of-the-art mathematical algorithms reconstruct high-resolution images from several images at “standard” resolution. A below 10% Gage R&R is systematically achieved on 01005 package type. This technology will be accessible to our existing customers as a light software and hardware upgrade. Combined with the proven Vi TECHNOLOGY® Vectoral Imaging technology, it brings the most out of our customers’ AOI solution. This technology will be soon rolled out in our Premium AOI product to selectively enable the Super-resolution mode, when appropriate and required. Therefore, cycle time impact is minimized and should almost be transparent.

Vision2009, the new integrated software suite, goes a step further in simplifying programming.

The new intuitive “Wizards” guide users through each step of program creation and optimization, reducing the need for advanced training. Vision2009 is based on Vi TECHNOLOGY’s modular software platform and accommodates all AOI application options including: 2D Post Print, Mixed Mode, Pre Reflow, Post Reflow, Post Wave, backplane inspection, OCV and OCR. The software suite also encompasses full offline programming capability, an optimization tool, centralized common database, cross platform program transportability, review/repair station, and a data mining system…


Vi TECHNOLOGY is a worldwide global supplier in designing, manufacturing, and supporting a wide range of innovative Automated Optical Inspection equipment and software solutions for a broad range of applications. These applications include PCB assembly, back-end semiconductor production, incoming inspection and process control.

Our goal is to create value to customers by developing technologies answering to the evolution of our common market. Our R&D program is focusing on enhancing existing products as well as bringing technological breakthrough to reach a sustainable excellence. Our customers’ market differentiation is a key issue. Each of our clients is different and we must be able to grow in their differentiation.

With 15 years of experience, our offering is adapted to the most demanding requirements of in terms of accuracy, repeatability, speed, and quality. We confirm our leadership in the AOI market and we propose turnkey solutions to maximize the Return-On-Investment and decrease the cost-of-ownership in manufacturing plants. A world-class level of service supports our equipment with fast response time through our 24-hour hotline. We also offer a strong network of 200 fully trained Agents and Distributors to ensure quick relay of issues to our offices.

We serve a large number of customers including the Number 1 player in the automotive electronics market, the Number 1 contract electronics manufacturer, and the Number 1 player in the mobile phone industry.

Our mission is to serve our customers worldwide to reach our Total Customer Satisfaction goals.

Further information on Vi TECHNOLOGY is available at

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