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Volunteers Honored for Their Contributions to IPC and Industry

Apr 10, 2010

Nearly 150 Awards Presented at IPC APEX EXPO.

BANNOCKBURN, Ill., USA, — IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries® presented Special Recognition, Distinguished Committee Leadership and Distinguished Committee Service awards at IPC APEX EXPO™, held April 6–8, 2010 in Las Vegas.

Awards were presented to individuals who made significant contributions to IPC and industry by lending their time and expertise to committees and standards and programs development.

Special Recognition award recipients were:

  • David Hillman and Doug Pauls, Rockwell Collins; Les Bogert, Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc.; Kathy Johnston, Raytheon Missile Systems; Linda Woody, Lockheed Martin Missile & Fire Control; Blen Talbot, L-3 Communications; and Donald McFarland, Inovar, Inc., for their extraordinary contributions to J-STD-001E, Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies and IPC-A-610E, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies.

  • Leo Lambert, EPTAC Corporation; Teresa Rowe, AAI; and Daniel Foster, Defense Acquisition Inc., for their contributions to IPC-A-610E.

  • Constantino Gonzalez, ACME Training & Consulting; Mel Parrish, STI Electronics; Jennifer Day, U.S. Army/Stanley Associates; and Garry McGuire, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, for their contributions to J-STD-001E.

Distinguished Committee Leadership awards were presented to:

  • Jack Fischer, Interconnect Technology Analysis, Inc., for his leadership of the 8-40 Roadmap Executive Committee that developed the 2009 International Technology Roadmap for Electronic Interconnections.

  • Clark Webster, ALL Flex LLC and Michael Beauchesne, Amphenol Printed Circuits, Inc., for their leadership of the D-13 Flexible Circuits Base Materials Subcommittee that developed revision A of IPC-4202, Flexible Base Dielectrics for Use in Flexible Printed Circuitry.

  • Mel Parrish, STI Electronics, for leadership of the 7-30 Product Assurance General Committee and guidance to the task groups that developed IPC-610E; IPC-A-600H, Acceptability of Printed Boards; IPC-AJ-820, Assembly & Joining Handbook, and related support documents.

  • Constantino Gonzalez, ACME Training & Consulting and Jennifer Day, U.S. Army/Stanley Associates, for their leadership of the 7-31b IPC-A-610 Task Group that developed IPC-A-610E.

  • Leo Lambert, EPTAC Corporation, for leadership of the 5-20 Assembly and Joining Materials General Committee and guidance to the task groups that developed J-STD-001E, the Space Electronic Hardware Addendum, the Handbook for J-STD-001 and the many test and material support documents.

  • Teresa Rowe, AAI and Daniel Foster, Defense Acquisition Inc., for leadership of the 5-22a J-STD-001 Task Group that developed J-STD-001E.

  • Randy Reed, Viasystems Group, Inc. and Mark Buechner, BAE Systems, for leadership of the 7-31a and D-33a task groups that developed IPC-A-600H and IPC-6012C, Qualification and Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards.

  • Jack McCullen, Intel Corporation; Lee Wilmot, TTM Technologies, Inc. and Jasbir Bath, Bath Technical Consultancy, for leadership of the 4-34 Marking and Labeling Task Group that worked on J-STD-609A, Marking and Labeling of Components, PCBs and PCBAs to Identify Lead (Pb), Lead-Free (PB-Free) and Other Attributes.

  • Eric Simmon, NIST and Mark Frimman, Texas Instruments Inc., for leadership of the 2-18 Supplier Declaration Committee that worked on IPC-1751A, Generic Requirements for Declaration Process Management and the development of IPC-175x Schema Version 2.0. Another Distinguished Committee Service award was presented for their leadership of the 2-18b Materials Declaration Task Group that developed IPC-1752A, Materials Declaration Management.

  • Fritz Byle, Astronautics Corp. of America and Frank Rossman, Jabil Circuit, Inc., for leadership of the 2-18a Manufacturing Process Declaration Task Group that developed IPC-1756, Manufacturing Process Data Management.

Distinguished Committee Service awards were presented to:

  • Joe Fjelstad, Verdant Electronics; Denny Fritz, MacDermid, Inc.; Vern Solberg, Solberg Technical Consulting; Tim Estes, Conductor Analysis Technologies, Inc.; Richard Otte, PROMEX Industries, Inc.; Karen Carpenter, CMTC Associates; and Art Griesser, NIST, for their contributions to the 2009 International Technology Roadmap for Electronic Interconnections.

  • Terry Shepler, Electro-Materials, Inc.; Brent Sweitzer, Multek Flexible Circuits, Inc.; Thomas Gardeski, Gemini Sciences; Rolland Savage, High Performance Copper Foil Inc.; Rocky Hillburn, Insulectro; Nick Koop and John Leschisin, Minco Products Inc.; G. Sidney Cox, DuPont; Mark Finstad, Flexible Circuit Technologies, Inc.; Crystal Vanderpan, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.; Duane Mahnke, Mahnke Consulting; Karin LaBerge, Microtek Laboratories; and Steven Musante, Raytheon Missile Systems, for their contributions to IPC-4202A.

  • Lisa Maciolek, David Nelson and William Ortloff, Raytheon Company; Vijay Kumar, Lockheed Martin Missile & Fire Control; Peggi Blakley and Joseph Sherfick, NSWC Crane; Mahendra Gandhi, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems; Greg Hurst, BAE Systems, Mary Muller, Crane Aerospace & Electronics; David Adams, Rockwell Collins; Sharon Ventress, U.S. Army Aviation & Missile Command; Patricia Scott, STI Electronics; Joseph Kane, BAE Systems Platform Solutions; Steven Perng, Cisco Systems Inc.; Helena Pasquito, Cobham Defense Electronic Systems; Vicky Freeman, Flextronics America, LLC; Dongkai Shangguan, Flextronics International; Matt Garrett, Phonon Corporation; Zenaida Valianu, Celestica; Barry Morris, Susan Morris and Debbie Wade, Advanced Rework Technology – A.R.T; Nancy Chism, Flextronics; Norma Moss, L-3 Communications; Karl Mueller, Boeing Company; James Moffitt, Moffitt Consulting Services; Tracy Clancy Vecchiolli, Technical Training Center; Terry Clitheroe, Solder Technologies; Stephen Fribbins, Fribbins Training Services; and Doug Rogers, Harris Corporation, GCCD, for their contributions to the development of J-STD-001E and IPC-A-610E.

  • Karl Sauter, Oracle America, Inc.; Kristen Troxel and Elizabeth Benedetto, Hewlett-Packard Company; and Joe Smetana, Alcatel-Lucent, for their contributions to the development of IPC-A-610E.

  • Jennie Hwang, H-Technologies Group; Robert Cooke, NASA Johnson Space Center; Hue Green and Mike Green, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company; Randy McNutt, Northrop Grumman Corp.; Alan Young, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Richard Rumas, Honeywell Canada; Jeannette Plante, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Charles Gamble and James Blanche, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center; and Bill Strachan, ASTA – Portsmouth University, for their contributions to J-STD-001E.

  • Phil Henault and Mike Luke, Raytheon Company; Don Dupriest, Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control; Vicka White and Dewey Whittaker, Honeywell Inc. Air Transport Systems; Mike Green, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company; Joey Rios, Endicott International Technologies Inc.; Joe Schmidt, Raytheon Missile Systems; Chris Mahanna, Robisan Laboratory Inc.; Cliff Maddox and Mike Paddack, Boeing Company; Wendi Boger, DDi Corp.; and Jim Monarchio, TTM Technologies, Inc. for their contributions to IPC-A-600H and IPC-6012C.

  • Valerie St. Cyr, Teradyne Inc.; Linda Woody, Lockheed Martin Missile & Fire Control; Greg Henshall, Hewlett-Packard Company; Curtis Grosskopf, IBM Corporation; and Christine Blair, STMicroelectronics Inc., for their contributions to J-STD-609A.

  • N. Nagaraj, Papros, Inc.; William Haas, Seagate Technology; Michael Hutchings, Oracle America, Inc.; Walter Jager, Intertek Ageus Solutions; Denise Turley, Tyco Electronics; John Sharp, TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.; Balu Sharma, SupplierSoft; and Aimee Siegler, Benchmark Electronics Inc., for their contributions to IPC-1751A.

  • Lee Wilmot, TTM Technologies, Inc.; N. Nagaraj, Papros, Inc.; William Haas, Seagate Technology; John Messina, NIST; Kurk Kan, Murata Power Solutions, Inc.; John Ciba, Brady Corporation; Randall Flinders, Emulex Corp.; Michael Hutchings, Oracle America, Inc.; Walter Jager, Intertek Ageus Solutions; Denise Turley, Tyco Electronics; Raymond Sabb, RockyRoad Marketing; Eddie Hofer, Rockwell Collins; John Sharp; TriQuint Semiconductor Inc.; Om Chopra, Thomas & Betts Corporation; Christine Blair, STMicroelectronics Inc.; Balu Sharma, SupplierSoft; Scott Houthuysen, LSI Corporation; Aimee Siegler, Benchmark Electronics Inc.; and Will Schreiber, Foresite Sustainability Systems Ltd., for their contributions to IPC-1752A.

  • Eric Simmon, NIST; William Haas, Seagate Technology; and Curtis Grosskopf, IBM Corporation, for their contributions to IPC-1756.

About IPC

IPC ( is a global trade association based in Bannockburn, Ill., dedicated to the competitive excellence and financial success of its 2,700 member companies which represent all facets of the electronics industry, including design, printed board manufacturing, electronics assembly and test. As a member-driven organization and leading source for industry standards, training, market research and public policy advocacy, IPC supports programs to meet the needs of an estimated $1.7 trillion global electronics industry. IPC maintains additional offices in Taos, N.M.; Arlington, Va.; Garden Grove, Calif.; Stockholm, Sweden; Moscow, Russia; and Shanghai and Shenzhen, China.

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