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ESSEMTEC to Highlight Range of Equipment at APEX 2010

Mar 24, 2010

Paraquda, SMD pick-and-place machine.

Paraquda, SMD pick-and-place machine.

Glassboro, NJ — Essemtec, a leading manufacturer of surface mount technology production equipment, announces that it will feature a range of new equipment in booth 1059 at the upcoming IPC/APEX conference and exhibition, scheduled to take place April 6-8, 2010 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Essemtec's Tower is an automatic storage system for SMD reels and trays. The SMD Tower delivers up to 546 SMD reels or trays and requires 8-12 seconds to dispense any component required. The Tower is recommended in low- or high-volume production. Particularly if batch sizes are low and changeovers are very frequent, the automatic storage system saves time and reduces search trouble. The storage system can be expanded with additional Towers at any time.

The convenient control software takes over all tasks of storing. The software supervises the stock and ensures the use of the "first in first out" principle. Each component can be assigned to a moisture class (IPC-Standard 033A), and the allowable operation time in a wet surrounding is controlled.

Paraquda from Essemtec is the world’s most modern SMD pick-and-place machine. New materials used lead to higher quality and a new high-speed control system provides both higher speed and precision. The Paraquda features ultra short changeover times, a new intuitive operation system, Eplace, and an integrated quality management system that reduces manufacturing costs for electronics.

Compared to other pick-and-place machines, the new Paraquda, with up to 210 feeders capacity, brings significant added values regarding precision, quality, flexibility, control and ergonomics. Paraquda's pick-and-place head can simultaneously hold and measure four components. The range of components is vast ? it spans from 01005 resistors up to 4 inch sq components, which can be up to 1 inch in height. The minimum pitch is specified with 0.01 inches. The high-resolution fly-by vision system is equipped with the latest Cognex SMD image processing technology, thus can detect any kind of component, even odd-shaped parts.

SP900 in-line printer is a highly sophisticated fully automatic inline printer for high-mix/high-speed production. The printer is designed for multi-shift operation with a minimum of service. The integrated stencil cleaner is programmable, and closed ball rotation spindles drive the maintenance-free print head. All moveable parts are protected against dirt.

The printer is very flexible and provides a fast changeover. Additional features include reliable and precise printing, user’s choice of lighting color, board thickness from 0.01 to 0.2 inches, automatic stencil entry and alignment, and automatic width adjustment. Also, the system can accommodate stencils or screens up to 29 x 29".

RO400FC features RO-CONTROL software for increased process simulation and control. RO-CONTROL combines all the important functions for process evaluation and process control for reflow ovens. This technologically advanced software offers many of the same features as thermal profilers, but for less than half the price. Also, because the software is within the RO400FC, ESSEMTEC is able to offer users an industry first.

The universal mesh belt or the optional precise chain conveyor transports single- or double-sided boards up to 16 inch width. Other benefits include a full convection oven for even temperature distribution, high air volume for low thermal stress of components, vertical laminar flow for efficient heat transfer, closed-loop conveyor drive system for controlled speed, easy profile selection and an optional flying thermocouple for temperature profiling. RO400FC with RO-CONTROL software is for standard or lead-free soldering, features an integrated microprocessor control or computer control option, an optional SMEMA interface, ESSEMTEC RO-SOFT profiling software, and built-in security switches.

The EXPERT-SAFP placement system is perfectly suited for prototyping because it allows components to be picked from both reels and sticks, and from rest tape strips as well as loose components. A turning station for upside down components comes standard on the system.

Because fast and precise placement is also a basic requirement in small batch manufacturing, the EXPERT placement system can be connected with computer controls and works in a semiautomatic mode. Placement data can be converted directly from the CAD file or through point by point. The Windows control software increases productivity ? in some cases, it even doubles it ? and ensures that the correct component is correctly aligned at the desired place without errors.

The EXPERT placement system is available as a complete prototyping station, including a dispenser and a reflow tool.

The placement system PANTERA-X ideally meets the standards of a high-mix/low-volume production. The application range is large, and the placement is fast and reliable. The PANTERA series features an ideal price/performance ratio for SME (Small and Medium Enterprises).

The large feeder capacity and the automatic identification of the intelligent feeders minimize changeover time and guarantee quality. All tape feeders are electrically driven and feeding pitch is programmable.

The tabletop printer SP004 is a new printing system. Everywhere now measures scales installed that enable current settings to be memorized. Additionally, the vision cameras are equipped with laser pointers and fast clamping systems. Within just a few minutes, the printer can be changed over from one product to another.

The SP004 allows printing with 15 µm accuracy and below. This is an extraordinary value for a semiautomatic printer and it makes it useful for fine-pitch and even ultra fine-pitch printing. To achieve this level of quality, the printer has been constructed to be robust, rigid and torsion-free.

The RO300FC-C is a full convection oven that allows fast and homogenous heating, as well as high-temperature soldering of sensitive electronics. The integrated convection technology offers an innovative and efficient way of heating ? with a vertical hot air stream that evenly heats the complete PCB. Both standard and lead-free pastes can be used.

As an innovative new feature, RO300FC-C now features RO-CONTROL software for increased process simulation and control. RO-CONTROL combines all the important functions for the process evaluation and process control for reflow ovens. This technologically advanced software offers many of the same features as thermal profilers, but for less than half the price. Also, because the software is within the RO300FC, Essemtec is able to offer users an industry first.

About the company:

Essemtec is a worldwide leader in the manufacturer of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) production equipment. Essemtec specializes in high mix production equipment for Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) using Surface Mount Technology.

Essemtec is the only manufacturer to cover the entire production process, from Printers and/or Dispensers, to Pick-and-Place and Soldering equipment. Therefore, customers benefit from unparallel knowledge and the ability to select, from a single source, a complete process solution to meet their requirements.

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