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Converting to automated selective soldering has never been easier...

Mar 24, 2010

ESS Selective Soldering Machine

ESS Selective Soldering Machine

Huntingdon Valley, PA - March 23, 2010- APS Novastar, LLC (, a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of OEM solutions for short to medium run SMT and PCB assembly, unveils a new cost effective and reproducible solution for automated selective soldering with the introduction of its ESS Selective Soldering Machines. Specifically designed for assemblers wanting to make the transition from manual or semi-automatic to automated selective soldering, the new ESS Selective Soldering Machines provide a new entry point in cost-effective, easy to operate options for short run, batch selective soldering applications.

The ESS310 and ESS500 Selective Soldering Machines provide easy to operate, robust systems for batch processing of mixed technology boards that require selective soldering of through-hole components. Automating the soldering process with an ESS Selective Soldering Machine increases reliability of solder joints and reduces production costs. The exceptional accuracy and repeatability, with near "zero defect" solder joint yields, and the flexibility to perform single point, drag, mini-wave or dip soldering, increases solder joint quality and board throughput.

These all-inclusive systems, with on-board flux, preheat, and omni-directional soldering, are also easy to program with on-board, touch screen, micro-controller and intuitive programming software. For increased productivity and throughput, off-line programming and photoscan software are also available.

"We developed the ESS Selective Soldering Machines specifically to address those assemblers looking for an easy to use, entry level selective soldering machine that will allow them to increase productivity and reduce costs," states Tim Kardish, APS Novastar President and CEO. "We believe the easy to operate, flexible programming, small footprint, and durable construction of the ESS Machines, along with their attractive pricing, will allow more assemblers to seriously consider automating selective soldering as an option for their through-hole soldering needs."

About APS Novastar

APS Novastar, LLC, established in 1982, recipient of a 2009 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award, is the global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of OEM equipment for short to medium run surface mount technology (SMT) and printed circuit board (PCB) markets. APS Novastar's products include stencil printers, automated pick and place robots, reflow ovens, wave and selective solder equipment, component counters and lead forming equipment. APS Novastar has installed over 20,000 product solutions in the telecom, defense and aerospace, security, transportation, automotive, medical device and diagnostics, personal computer, display and academic markets. For more information, visit or call +1.215.938.1000.

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