Special Offer for Students!!!

Mar 18, 2010

Reaching board room (top management) of your dream company requires an ability to visualize and respond to your immediate superior's expectations. The earlier in your career path you develop this ability, the better your career prospects shall be.

Benchmark Six Sigma provides an option to elevate the competence of Indian students who are currently pursuing full time professional courses (Engineering, Administrative Services, BBA, MBA and the like) in a manner that can be intellectually stimulating and financially rewarding.

A fresher shall have a better career path after training for two reasons.

1. Many of the leading organizations prefer Six Sigma competence.

2. The individual's ability to generate results increases many fold if he knows Six Sigma methodology. This means - even if the employer organization is not utilizing Six Sigma, the person is likely to generate better results leading to better career path as Career Progress depends largely on having the right thought processes and the right skills to structure and implement them. There are a good number of senior people who (after participating in training) provide the feedback

" I could have benefited a lot if I had gone through this program right at the beginning of my career."

In the last one year, more than 500 freshers have gone through Benchmark Six Sigma Green Belt program.

A unique opportunity is now being offered to students of full time degree/professional courses to learn the best management techniques while networking with corporate world (as they get the chance to be a part of Benchmark Six Sigma’s Past Participant online forum for lifetime). This offer comes with a special student discount.

Benchmark Six Sigma programs have the highest global recognition and have been accepted by leading multinationals.


To Know More:

VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT: http://www.benchmarksixsigma.com

STUDENTS CAN VISIT US AT: http://www.sixsigmaindia.com



Or sms “Six Sigma - your name” to 57575

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