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Juki to Showcase a Range of Leading Equipment at Virtual PCB

Feb 25, 2010

MORRISVILLE, NC - February 2010 - Juki Corporation will showcase a range of leading products at the upcoming Virtual PCB, the industry’s only online tradeshow, scheduled to take place March 2-4, 2010 online at

Now in its third year, Virtual PCB is the industry’s only fully interactive, Web-based trade show for PCB designers, fabricators and assemblers. The event brings together buyers and sellers from around the world at a fraction of the cost of traditional events and trade shows.

Visitors to the Juki booth will have the opportunity to learn about Juki’s award winning pick-and-place equipment, as well as the company’s innovative selective and stamp soldering equipment. The booth will be staffed with applications engineers that will be readily available to answer all technical and applications questions.

Products on display will be the highly popular FX-3 modular chip-shooter rated at 60,000 CPH that fits seamlessly into Juki’s portfolio of products and adds its powerful optimization software and quick-change feeder banks to set the standard for electronics manufacturing uptime.

The KE-2070/2080 are sixth generation high-speed modular flexible mounters. Built on the one-piece SuperCast™ single casting base that includes the Y beams, the mounters are designed with speed, accuracy and reliability in mind. The KE-2080 supports an automatic flux station and Load Cell option that gives the machine the ability to measure nozzle placement force necessary for high accuracy, stackable and fluxing applications.

The FlexSolder W510 selective soldering machine supports multiple mini-wave nozzles soldering simultaneously or even better, running separately using 2 different size nozzles. The advantage of this is you can use a nozzle as small as 1.8mm for tight areas (1mm away from SMD or other components) on densely populated boards and a larger nozzle for making single passes on large connectors. This adds much needed flexibility to the process, allowing various soldering options with no change over.

The FlexSolder S3532 is a high-speed stamp soldering machine that uses a patented stamp technology to volumetrically place the correct amount of solder onto the leads of a through-hole component without the need of pumps which can cause instable waves, sol der balls, and an uncontrollable amount of dross, solder balls, and bridging. The S3532 is the only machine in the world that can guarantee perfect flatness of the PCB while soldering via top and bottom contour plates while also using a stamp fluxing technology which is very fast, perfectly clean with no over spray, and easy to maintain.

Juki Corporation’s experience as the market leader in industrial sewing machines was the stepping-stone for the entry into the printed circuit board assembly market in 1987. Since then, Juki has delivered more than 22,000 automated assembly systems worldwide and is currently shipping an average of 200 assembly machines per month. This extraordinary achievement makes Juki one of the world’s leading providers of automated assembly products and systems. In addition to its core technologies, Juki’s Electronic Assembly and Test Systems Division develops and manufactures advanced electronic systems and computer software for data entry, mail processing and other electronic equipment.

With the purchase of Zevatech’s assets in November 1999, Juki Automation Systems now brings Juki’s reputation for top quality and reliable service also to the North and South American and the European electronics assembly markets. Juki recognizes the challenges of the new century and is prepared to respond to the globalization of electronic manufacturing. With a sophisticated knowledge base, advanced technologies and a high commitment to its customers, Juki is poised for continued growth in the 21st century.

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