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Cobar Solder Products to Exhibit A Range of New Products at Pan Pac 2010

Jan 19, 2010

January 2010 — The Balver Zinn Group announces that Cobar Europe BV will exhibit a complete range of advanced soldering materials from bar solder to SMT solder paste to high-performance fluxes at the upcoming Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium & Tabletop Exhibition, scheduled to take place January 26-28, 2010 at the Sheraton Kauai Resort, on Kauai, Hawaii.

Cobar 95-DRX is a new low-VOC flux that offers the best of both worlds. This flux is based on a water/solvent combination and offers improved soldering performance, as well as wicking characteristics that approach a solvent-based system, resulting in perfect hole filling.

Cobar 396-DRX, a new VOC-free flux, is RoHS-compliant and fulfills the need for more environmental-friendly materials, maintaining excellent soldering performance. It is halide- and halogen-free and is based on a water carrying system that provides advantages in transportation and storage conditions, and eliminates fire risks. Operators also will appreciate that it provides an odorless flux solution.

According to IPC-J-STD-004, the Cobar 396-DRX and Cobar 95-DRX are classified as ORL0.

These thermally stable Cobar fluxes offer a wide process window with topside preheat temperatures up to 150°C. Due to the strong thermal resistance, these fluxes can be used in a broad range of applications, such as high thermal mass and heavy multi-layer products that require extended and higher soldering conditions. The Cobar 396-DRX and 95-DRX activation system eliminate bridging and provide excellent through-hole filling for lead-free as well as leaded applications.

In addition to these fluxes, new stronger versions called Cobar 396-DRX-M and Cobar 95-DRX-M are now available. These fluxes are classified ORM-0 and provide excellent soldering performance in the toughest applications, leaving no visible residues.

At Pan Pac, Cobar will introduce its new Aquasol Branded Water Soluble solder paste, which can be used with any commonly used soldering alloy. SnPb and lead-free SAC versions are available, all exhibiting excellent performance in the four key process steps: printing (including fine-pitch capability), placement, reflow and cleaning. Due to a perfect balance between adhesive and cohesive forces, there is efficient separation from the squeegee and good aperture release with long stencil life.

The rosinous nature of this water-soluble paste is unique, with paste rheology, solderability and water washability conferred by carefully selected surface chemistry and activators. With Aquasol Branded paste, it is possible to print at speeds high enough to meet or exceed the throughput of any SMD line. Furthermore, the paste features excellent slump resistance and residues can be removed with de-ionized water.

The pastes’ extended tack time allows a longer period between printing and placement. The high tack force will hold components in place during transportation prior to soldering.

With Aquasol Water Soluble paste, voiding is minimized in both air and nitrogen processes. Post-soldering flux residue can be removed using hot de-ionized water with or without cleaning agents. The ideal temperature and water pressure depend on the complexity of the assembly and efficiency of the wash method and equipment.

Also on display, Balver Zinn, committed to improving technology for the benefit of the customer and the environment, will exhibit its SN100C plus some new innovative alloys and wire.

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