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New Lighting Sources Set to Revolutionize Industry

Jan 11, 2010

4th China International New Lighting Source and New Energy Lighting Exhibition & Forum to be held in April 2010

According to a report by iSuppli, a technology value chain research and advisory service provider, global LED revenue grew by 10.9 per cent in 2009 to reach USD 7.4 billion, and by 2013 the market will have reached USD 14.3 billion. This is due to global retailers actively promoting LED lighting applications used in various types of indoor and outdoor decorative illumination.

iSuppli also reports that beyond general illumination, this growth is being driven by the rising acceptance of LEDs as the lighting source of choice for a myriad of existing lighting applications. These include: automotive; traffic and street lighting; the backlighting of small LCD displays; mobile handset keypads; personal navigation devices; digital picture frames and cameras. The market is also being aided by the emergence of new innovations such as backlighting large LCDs in televisions, notebooks and computer monitors, as well as for personal illumination.

Lighting from new energy sources is an emerging industry that is growing surprisingly fast. As lighting from new energy sources, new products and new technologies come onto the market, they will gradually replace traditional technology. This will result in a revolution in the lighting industry and bring about enormous opportunities and challenges for lighting source and energy lighting manufacturers.

In today’s environment where low-carbon economies and “green” growth is paramount, the revolution in lighting sources and emergence of energy lighting is an important development. Based on the theme of improving new lighting source technology and applications, the 4th China International New Lighting Source & New Energy lighting Exhibition & Forum, to be held at Shanghai Everbright Conference and Exhibition Center on April 20, 2010, will explore these applications, paying close attention to new lighting sources and new energy.

This exhibition and forum will be jointly organized and hosted by China Solid State Lighting Alliance (CSA) and Reed Exhibitions. The former is the most authoritative semiconductor lighting industry alliance in China, while the latter, Reed Exhibitions, is the world’s leading events organizer. This ‘win-win’ cooperation will expand the size and influence of the event and promote more effective communication between upstream and downstream vendors. It will also improve the overall industry’s competitive edge, help suppliers identify potential customers, provide updates on the latest market information, serve as a platform for the discussion of technical solutions and predict the industry’s short- and long-term progress.

Shanghai is currently expanding its infrastructure with the construction of an international financial center, an international economics center, an international shipment center and an international trading center. The city is also getting ready to host Expo 2010 Shanghai. As the rate of construction in the city accelerates, so the need for a variety of products increases.

Meanwhile, the Yangtze River Delta region’s economy continues to grow at a healthy pace due to its sturdy foundation on thriving industries. The region is also the hub of recyclable energy in China, with Jiangsu Province a major source. Shanghai being selected to hold the New Lighting Source and New Energy Lighting Exhibition & Forum ensures a powerful economic presence and mature new lighting source industry base in the Yangtze River Delta Region. The 2010 event is set to bring together even more companies and industry professionals.

Another development aiding LED advancement is the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Lamps” LED application trial and model city construction currently underway. This event will drive the growth of the new LED lighting source industry and look at how new lighting sources and new energy lighting can win the market. The forum will invite R&D engineers, resellers, designers, investors and funding personnel in international and domestic recyclable energy and lighting sources, solar-photovoltaic and green lighting product applications. The event will feature thoughts and strategies on lighting from new energy sources. It will include four summit meetings and one summit forum:

Special Summit Meeting I: Application of New Energy Lighting

The new energy industry plays a strategic role in today’s international competition. It is imperative to reconstruct traditional industries with new energy, energy-saving and environment-friendly technologies now. This is especially important given that the cultivation of new energy markets lags significantly behind industry development, particularly in the photovoltaic industry. The event will mainly discuss solar-photovoltaic design, wind and light complementary design and mains complementary design - especially in applications that combine with new lighting sources.

Special Summit Meeting II: Development of New Lighting Source Displays

Prestigious events such as the Olympic Games and Expo 2010 Shanghai have stimulated the growth of high-brightness, full-color displays. Large LED backlighting has gradually spread from high-end products into medium- and low-end ones. The explosive growth of market needs for small, low-price NB is driving LED backlighting into this area at an accelerating speed. OLED, recognized as the next generation of major flat-panel display technology, will therefore be the topic of this meeting.

Special Summit Meeting III: Revolution of New Lighting Sources, Transportation and Traffic Lighting

Today, new lighting sources are widely used in various signals, sign lamps and lighting facilities, including roads, bridges, railways, traffic stations, airports, ports, cars, trains, ships and planes. What are the effects of newly emerging lighting sources on the transportation and traffic industry? What problems does the industry need to solve?

Special Summit Meeting IV: Professional Lighting Design and Intelligent Control System Solutions

New lighting sources have completely different characteristics from traditional ones. How to design lamps, lanterns, drivers, controls and lighting from a completely new aspect is the main focus of lighting industry professionals.

Given that the performance of some new lighting sources is still substandard, this meeting will focus on how to effectively combine these new sources with existing lighting sources.

The exhibition and forum will have different focuses and advantages

This event will have five major characteristics:

1. The combination of the forum and exhibition is designed to facilitate communication across the whole spectrum of the lighting industry

2. The leading domestic and overseas organizations in the industry will cooperate to improve communication

3. The analysis of key topical issues will increase the depth of communication and understanding within the industry.

4. High density information exchange of new energy lighting and new lighting source applications will bring about many business opportunities

5. The event will facilitate more diverse transactions between upstream and downstream vendors.

This show covers the entire lighting industry chain and will boost upstream, middle-stream and downstream companies based on the applications. The event will be held in the same location, and at the same time, as the largest electronics manufacturing and surface-mount industry event in Asia – NEPCON China.

In addition, the exhibition will mainly showcase new lighting sources, including solid-state radiation lighting, gas radiation lighting and hot radiation lighting manufacturing. As well as new lighting sources; lighting materials, devices and technologies; energy-saving lighting products; lighting appliances; new energy lighting systems; new lighting source display products; applications and more.

As one of the leading events organizers in the world, Reed Exhibitions organizes over 500 exhibitions around the globe every year. Covering 47 industries, it has a deep pool of industry resources and a strong pedigree of organizing successful exhibitions. The international platform Reed provides brings excellent foreign technologies and vision to China to help launch Chinese companies into international markets.

Reed Exhibitions aims for the event to meet the complete needs of the industry, from new domestic and international LED lighting sources, to information for new energy manufacturers for their technology, marketing and supply needs. Reed also aims to build an effective and multi-functional trading platform for these companies.

Innovation is key to winning the business of the future. The combination of new lighting sources and energy will continue at the 4th China International New Lighting Source & New Energy Lighting Exhibition & Forum - Green Lighting China 2010. The event is sure to deliver exceptionally illuminating results!

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