ITM publishes AOI Report

Dec 10, 2009

December 10, 2009, Durham, New Hampshire – ITM Marketing released a newly published report providing a comprehensive analysis of the automated optical inspection (AOI) system offerings which is now available to members of the electronics assembly industry.

The report is filled with valuable technical information that will empower end-users to make the best purchase decision for their company including price/performance benchmarks, supplier perception ratings and a direct comparison of 44 performance metrics for 27 unique models offered by 11 different AOI suppliers.

ITM Marketing’s report, “Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Report”, examines the key market dynamics for solder paste inspection and printed circuit board inspection. Analysis includes end-user inspection requirements, served and not served prerequisites and emerging technologies. AOI system suppliers described in the report include: ASC International, Agilent, Christopher Associates, CyberOptics, DJK Global, Goepel, GSI Lumonics, Koh Young, Landrex, Malcomtech, Marantz, Mirtec, MVP, Omron, Opto Control, Orbotech, Panasonic, Qualectron, Saki, Seika, Sony, Viscom, ViTechnology and YesTech.

Encompassing more than 50 pages and containing more than 40 tables and graphs, more information about the report including a detailed description, table of contents and report metrics can be obtained by contacting ITM Marketing at (262) 376-0717 or

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Dec 10, 2009 -

ITM publishes AOI Report

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