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Piezobrush – cold-active hand-held atmospheric-pressure plasma device

Dec 08, 2009

The compact, portable handset for cost-effective plasma surface activation.

Nowadays coating and bonding have become an integral part of everyday working life in industry, model construction, the laboratory and workshop and for the craftsmen of many trades, Surfaces often require pre-treating if good adhesion is to be achieved. The compact Piezobrush – a cold-active plasma handset for manual surface activation under ambient pressure – is the solution offered by Reinhausen Plasma for this process. Even temperature-sensitive substrates can be treated with this economical and portable plasma tool thanks to an activation process carried out at approx. 40 °C.

If a strong and permanent adhesion is to be achieved in many bonding, coating, painting and printing processes, pre-treating or activation of the surface is a must. Plasma technology achieves optimum results on metal, plastics, glass and ceramics. With its extremely compact Piezobrush, Reinhausen Plasma GmbH offers an economical solution for an effective small-scale activation process. This portable device was specially developed for manual pre-treatment of single parts and small quantities, refinishing in difficult manufacturing processes such as you find in electronic and precision engineering as well as the repair of ETFE films on buildings or painted surfaces with cold-active noble gas plasma under ambient pressure.

Material-friendly treatment thanks to cold-active plasma

Unlike conventional plasma generators that use much higher temperatures, the Piezobrush operates at approx. 40 °C with completely harmless induced stress. This means that even substrates that are extremely sensitive to temperature such as plastic and paper can be pre-treated harmlessly. At the same time the safety of the operator is guaranteed despite high activation efficiency.

Thanks to its low operating temperature, the Piezobrush can be operated with low gas flow rates, which in turn results in laminar flow properties that allow the plasma to enter gaps and cavities. The plasma spreads uniformly over the surface and flows into fine gaps and contours. Moreover, the Piezobrush operates particle-free making it suitable for cleanroom applications.

Simple to use thanks to its plug & play design

The plug & play design of the Piezobrush makes it very simple to use. The plasma beam is activated with just a single button on the hand-held device. An integrated controller regulates the gas and power supply to the pen-shaped plasma head in which the noble gas plasma is ignited by means of a piezo ceramic. The multi-functional holder of the plasma head can be used both as a base station as well as a tripod to allow hands-free processing. In the latter case a foot-operated switch is used to switch the plasma beam on and off.

About Reinhausen Plasma GmbH

Reinhausen Plasma GmbH is a subsidiary of Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH, the worldwide market leader and leader of technology for the regulation of high-power transformers that is also located in Regensburg. We see ourselves as an innovative supplier of plasma solutions for surface finishing and coating. The company sets new standards in cleaning and surface activation with plasma with the development of its cold-active atmospheric-pressure plasma tools plasmabrush and piezobrush, whose outstanding features include low operating temperatures, slow gas speeds, extreme accessibility of gaps and contours by the plasma and their high degree of gas purity. For the very first time the patented plasmadust process enables energy-efficient coating of 2 and 3-dimensional components made from almost all materials without the need of any solvents or chemicals (VOC-free).

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Piezobrush – cold-active hand-held atmospheric-pressure plasma device

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