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JUKI to Answer Industry Need for Latest Technology Chipshooters, Flexible Mounters, Intelligent Feeders and Software at Productronica 2009

Dec 07, 2009

Solothurn, Switzerland - October2009 - JUKI, a world-leading provider of automated assembly products and systems, announces that it will highlight its latest line-up of brand new and tried and tested Chipshooters, Flexible Mounters, Intelligent feeders and Software in Hall A3, Stand 143 of the Productronica exhibition. The event is scheduled to take place 10th – 13th November 2009 at the New Munich Trade Fair Center in Munich, Germany.

With an impressive line-up of brand new product launches, together with an opportunity to find out about its existing award-winning placement solutions, JUKI will once again demonstrate why it is one of the leading suppliers of automated solutions in the industry. Products at the 2009 event will include:

New - Productronica will be the launch platform for the new KE-3020 High Speed Flexible Mounter.

High Speed Flexible Mounter – JUKI will showcase at Productronica its entry-level KE-2060 Light. Providing a cost-effective option for today’s manufacturers, the KE-2060 Light features a quadruple head with laser alignment or one high-precision placement head with vision and laser alignment. With an IPC rated placement range of 12,500 cph laser alignment and 1,750 cph vision centering, its component range spans 0201, 75mm x 75mm to 50 x 150mm – up to 12mm in height. The KE-2060 Light also offers a placement accuracy of ± 30 µm (3 sigma) with vision centering and ± 50 µm with laser alignment. The system also offers options such as exchangeable feeder trolleys, high-precision camera for µBGA and 0.3 mm pitch.

Chipshooters – The highly popular FX-3, rated at 60,000 CPH, will be shown in a line with the brand new KE-3020. The line will demonstrate minimum footprint and maximum flexibility by being able to place parts ranging from a 0402 chip to a 50mm x 150 mm connector. The FX-3 marked the entrance of Juki into ultra-high-speed assembly lines and introduced Juki’s standards for high quality, reliability and cost of ownership.

The modular FX-3 fits seamlessly into Juki’s portfolio of products and adds its powerful optimization software and quick-change feeder banks to set the standard for electronics manufacturing uptime.

FX-1R High-Speed Chipshooter - Focusing on high throughput and precise component centering, the FX-1R is equipped with a double head system driven by two independent linear motors that create both high-speed and precise positional accuracy. Both quadruple heads have a multi-nozzle alignment system using a high-resolution laser developed exclusively for Juki’s assembly systems. This unique technology simultaneously measures four different components in width, length and height. Additionally, in-flight measurement eliminates idle time.

The chip shooter features a placement rate of 27,000 cph (IPC 9850), and a component range from 01005 to 20mm x 20 mm. Additionally, the system consistently has a placement accuracy of ±50µm (3 Sigma). Further, the FX-1R offers numerous key features, including the following:

Offering high rigidity and low vibration, the machine frame is formed from a single casting for which special materials were selected to give vibration-free operation. This technology is unique to the SMT industry ? it supports high speed and provides an outstanding accuracy over the life cycle of the system. Double head system driven by linear motors, means the horizontal axes are driven by two independent linear motors that create both high-speed and precise positional accuracy. The innovative concept of the PCB table and two quadruple X/Y-axis placement heads result in virtually zero idle time. While one head is placing components, the other simultaneously picks. These innovations give a high practical throughput, which is far more critical for productivity than any theoretical CPH value.

Feeders – Both the FX-3 and the KE-3020 placement platforms at Productronica will feature the new JUKI Electrical Tape feeders (ETF). Juki’s new motor driven electric feeder can feed sensitively for ultra small components, steadily and fast. With the electric feeder there is no need to stop the machine when replenishing components using the splicing function. This drastically reduces down time, allowing components to be easily replenished at any time.

JUKI will also display the IFS-X2 RFID intelligent feeder system with traceability. This second generation feeder system provides enhanced graphics and an improved user interface that makes feeder setup easier, faster, and more accurate. IFS-X2 allows for inventory control and features a closed-loop system that tracks the entire material flow and production process to ensure error-free production and total traceability with RFID technology.

IFS-X2 features a graphical setup wizard that leads the operator through the entire process from retrieving a reel from stock through feeder loading. On- and offline feeder banks are networked, allowing the user to quickly and accurately locate any feeder for quick and easy loading. Additionally, the system features a closed-loop system that checks for accurate feeder setup before production can be run, ensuring optimal production performance and accurate component selection for placement.

IFS-X2 seamlessly updates inventory when new and used reels of components are received. Component count is done in real time, ensuring precise stock control and, therefore, a reduction of inventory costs that result in faster load access to components needed for other jobs. The Web services interface allows real-time communication to all ERP systems. The system uses a 1- or 2-D barcode scanner that identifies incoming boards for production.

All components placed on that board are then recorded and stored in a database that allows for future tracking of the components and the generation of traceability reports. This valuable feature allows complete transparency for process validation and error analysis.

Offset Placement After Solder Screen Printing – JUKI’s solution for offsetting placement after solder screen printing, addresses the problem of solder paste alignment errors. With this technology, the placement machine can automatically detect and compensate for misalignment of the solder paste to produce high-quality boards regardless of the process errors beforehand.

While board makers strive to keep variations between lots to an absolute minimum, it is not possible for them to eliminate forward expansion and scaling completely. This means that the pads are not exactly in the same positions as they were on the previous lot. When the boards are fed into the stencil printer for solder paste there can be slight offsets from the solder paste print to the pad location. In larger parts that can be a very small percentage of the pad size, but in smaller parts like 01005, 0201 or even 0402, the solder could be halfway off of the pad.

Likewise with ceramic or flexible boards, print repeatability can be difficult to achieve, causing further solder paste alignment problems. There also is cause for concern on double-sided boards because boards tend to contract after the first side reflow process. With the increased use of lead-free solder, the properties of the self-alignment effects have changed.

Through extensive research and cooperation with high-volume manufacturers, Juki has found that placing small components centered on the paste and not the pad will reduce the defect rate. The Offset Placement After Solder Screen Printing system addresses this issue. When the system is integrated into the electronics assembly machine, it eliminates the need for other equipment such as AOI machines to correct for solder paste alignment problems and provides a comprehensive solution to meet the future market trends of component miniaturization, high-density placement and lead-free assembly.

JUKI will also feature the Intelligent Shop Floor Solutions (IS) - a complete software production support system. The system is composed of five specialized pieces of software: Intelli PE for creating production programs, Intelli PD for downloading production programs to multiple lines, Intelli PM for improvement of the operating rate of the entire floor, Intelli SCS (setup control system) for parts verification and traceability and Intelli EM for management of feeder maintenance history.

With IS, users can comprehensively control and optimize various tasks and information of the entire floor, or the manufacturing field, that are related to production using JUKI mounters.

As a result, the cost of the entire floor is reduced by improving productivity and product quality, and by streamlining work. The system uses barcodes and 2-D barcodes for quality control such as prevention of faulty mounting of components and traceability for streamlining of setup time. For authentication of tape feeders and tray supply devices, users can select from barcode RFID. The easy-to-use software allows users to monitor line operation status and production control information in the plant real-time from a remote location. Advanced features include standardized graphical operation screens across applications, and the ability to switch interface language to English, Japanese or Chinese from any screens.

Visitors will also be welcomed to Hall A3, Stand 143 to view an impressive line up of existing JUKI products. These include the FX-3 Super High Speed Mounter, KE-2080 and KE-2060 light High-speed Flexible Mounters, KE-2070 High-Speed Modular Mounter, FX-1R High-Speed Chip Shooter, TR-5 Matrix Tray Changer and Intelligent Feeder System (IFS-X2).

JUKI Corporation’s experience as the market leader in industrial sewing machines was the stepping-stone for the entry into the printed circuit board assembly market in 1987. Since then, JUKI has delivered more than 20,000 automated assembly systems worldwide. This extraordinary achievement makes JUKI one of the world’s leading providers of automated assembly products and systems. In addition to its core technologies, JUKI’s Electronic Assembly and Test Systems Division develops and manufactures advanced electronic systems and computer software for data entry, mail processing and other electronic equipment.

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