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High-Tech Conversions to Demonstrate Environment-Friendly and ESD Safe Wipes at Productronica 2009

Dec 07, 2009

EAST WINDSOR, CT — High-Tech Conversions Inc., a manufacturer of high-quality wiping products and a supplier of consumable items used in cleanrooms, assembly lines, laboratories and manufacturing, will feature its leading range of environment-friendly products and ESD safe wiping rolls in Hall A2 booth 535 at the upcoming Productronica exhibition. The event is scheduled to take place 10th – 13th November 2009 at the New Munich Trade Fair Center in Munich, Germany.

Helping to stop the destruction of old growth forests all over the world, High-Tech Conversions is a resource created to offer commercial clients alternatives in sustainable, green technologies, and operational efficiency enhancements. The line is a perfect “GREEN” drop-in replacement to Kimwipes™, which contain little or no recycled resources. friendly green wipes are low linting, very absorbent, soft and will not scratch. They are excellent for light duty tasks and delicate surfaces and, because the wipes are low in lint and chemical extractables, they will leave surfaces very clean. They are made of 100 percent recycled cellulose (at least 80 percent post consumer).

friendly green “the big one” is a large single-ply wipe, measuring 381 x 421.64 mm. friendly green “the little one” is also a single-ply wipe, but measures 111.76 x 210.82 mm. Also part of the line is friendly green “presaturated wipes” for the removal of non-reflowed solder pastes. The wipes are biodegradable and are made of a new high-tech cotton non-woven fabric. They are environmentally safe and feature an easy release dispenser for one-at-a-time dispensing.

NEW - High Tech Conversions Pink ESD Wipes are a new low-cost wipe that is ESD safe. The Pink Wipes are extremely durable and feature a surface resistivity of 109 ohms, as well as low linting characteristics. Comprised of 100 percent ESD-safe virgin polyester fabric, the wipes weigh 115 g/m² and have a thickness of .016 mm.

Pink Wipes boast a tensile strength of more than 10 kg and will absorb 2.13 ml of liquid per gram. The pink colour helps distinguish this wipe from the others. Available in 228.6 x 228.6 mm the wipes are available 150/bag.

Also on show will be High-Tech Conversions’ GREEN MONSTER ESD stencil wiping roll, the only stencil wiping roll that is truly antistatic as well as lead-free compatible. Because the material is ESD, it prevents sparks that can damage components and cause voids in solder traces. Because GREEN MONSTER uses coarse ESD fibres, the fabric has a much more aggressive cleaning surface and provides more voids to collect solder paste as opposed to the smearing that results from using paper. The fabric is made of a highly cross-linked acrylic polymer that bonds the company’s long, coarse fibres together, making the product more porous and allowing full utilization of the vacuum system. Consequently, more air can be drawn through the stencil’s apertures solder paste.

Visitors will also be able to see High-Tech Conversions FREE-SAT pre-saturated wipes for Class 1000 (M4.5) and higher applications. Comprised of 70 percent isopropyl alcohol/30 percent deionized water, the general-purpose wipes feature ultra-low lint and non-volatile residue, and also come in user-friendly containers. The low-static charged wipes use NOVA-TECH 1000 material, which is non-woven, absorbent and strong. This technology offers a blend of absorbent cellulose reinforced with strong polyester fibers as well as low levels of particle emissions, non-volative residue and ions.

FREE-SAT wipes are economically priced and available as a custom product. Additionally, the wipes provide numerous benefits to users including the following:

• No exposed wipes; hence, no wicking and no rapid evaporation

• No small dispensing hole with sharp points, eliminating abrasion and loosening of fibres

• Easy, one-at-a-time dispensing of wipes

• Four clean-cut edges, eliminating loose, stringy fibres.

Last, but by no means least, High-Tech Conversions will feature Select-Sat Wipes, part of the Pre-saturated Cleanroom wipe family. Select-Sat Wipes are dry wipes in user friendly containers. The user simply adds the solvent of choice, resulting in no shelf life concerns. The wipes are 177.8 x 177.8 mm with 100 wipes per tub.

About High-Tech Conversions Inc.

High-Tech Conversions manufactures a variety of wiping products and can supply virtually any type of consumable item used in cleanrooms, assembly lines, laboratories and manufacturing. Visit the Web site or contact the company directly to learn more. High-Tech Conversions is pro-active and able to respond quickly and accurately to customers' needs. The company offers high-quality products at reasonable prices and strives to be ultra-efficient to keep overhead costs low.

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