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Solar Power 2009 ? Material Suppliers Combine Forces to Address Growing Industry Needs

Dec 05, 2009

K.R. Anderson Inc. and Krayden Inc. announce that they have combined their marketing forces to service, support and supply the growing solar industry.  Both companies are leading suppliers for high-technology applications in manufacturing and represent “The Premier Material Manufacturers” in the industry.  The most recent list of Krayden Inc. and KR Anderson’s manufacturing partners include Henkel, Chomerics, EMS, 3M, Lord and Huntsman.  They offer full value-added converting capabilities as well as factory authorized repackaging options.  Their sales forces are highly technical and have been trained by the manufacturers to specify and troubleshoot for applications unique to the solar market, offering innovative solutions in PV cell metallization and module assembly products.  With 16 combined stocking locations throughout the USA, Mexico and Asia, they are well situated to follow any applications from initial design to final production.  Krayden and KR Andesrson offer the most comprehensive solutions for today’s photovoltaic assembly challenges including conformal coating, potting and encapsulating, sealants and adhesives, conductive ink and epoxies, and lead-free solder chemicals.

For more information, visit the companies’ Web sites at;, or call KR Anderson at 1-800-538-8712 or Krayden, Inc. at 1-800-448-0406.

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