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SEHO Systems’ Christian Ott Holds Successful SMTA Chapter Presentation

Nov 24, 2009

ERLANGER, KY ? November 2009 ? SEHO Systems GmbH, a leading worldwide soldering provider, announces that Christian Ott, Senior Sales and Project Manager, successfully presented a paper titled “Effects of an Appropriate PCB Layout and Soldering Nozzle Design on Quality and Cost Structure in Selective Soldering Processes.” The presentation was held at the Tampa Bay Chapter meeting on Wednesday, November 18, 2009 at Tucson’s Grill & Cantina in Clearwater, FL.

The globalization of markets results in stronger competition with clearly noticeable cost pressure. For companies producing electronic equipment, it is of existential importance to reduce production costs while maintaining a consistently high level of quality of manufactured products. Manual repair soldering that is expensive, time-consuming and cost intensive is already unacceptable due to the required quality and the reproducibility of the whole manufacturing process.

In more than 80 percent of cases, solder bridges are the main reason for faults. The solder’s pull-off behavior, which is influenced by several factors, is what is mainly responsible for a bridge-free soldering result in the selective soldering process.

With many practical examples, this paper provides a detailed explanation of the individual points that should be found in the selective soldering process with regard to the assembly design and solder nozzle technology. Moreover, the options for faultless and cost-effective electronic production will be shown step by step.

The presentation was well attended with 35 members in attendance, and well received. The discussion generated a lot of interest in the topic, and the SMTA expressed interest in repeating this presentation on other areas in the future.

About SEHO Systems GmbH

Since its foundation in 1973, SEHO has become the worldwide contact partner whenever soldering is involved. Company solutions are based on performance, flexibility, efficiency and technical progress. SEHO’s business activities and production organization are oriented according to the principles of sustained future-compatible development and production of machines. As a result, all applicable environmental standards are complied with meticulously. With its systems, the company provides customers with a sustained and resource economizing production facility. It continuously develops its technology in order to provide customers with a competitive advantage. For more information, visit

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