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Averna’s Proligent® 5.0 responds to important needs of manufacturing and test with three new products

Nov 06, 2009

Montreal, Canada, November 10, 2009 — Averna announced on June 10, 2009 the release of Proligent® 5.0, an Enterprise Test Software (ETS) solution offering three products geared to different needs in manufacturing and test for communications and high-tech electronics OEMs—Proligent Enterprise, Proligent Networks and Proligent Analytics.

“This roll-out is a milestone in the history of Proligent and for the ETS market,” said Jean-Lévy Beaudoin, director of business development for Proligent at Averna. “Our development team has listened to the Proligent customer base and has created a structure that responds to their needs. Proligent 5.0 facilitates multi-step adoption and provides a flexible way for them to set up test infrastructure. Plus, investments made in one module are transferrable to other modules, as our clients move from one adoption phase to another.”

Proligent 5.0 is a ready-to-use solution that integrates advanced features for test data management, process and quality control, and web-based reporting. Now with three entirely new products that can be used together or separately, cost-sensitive electronics and communications OEMs have a greater selection of tools for tackling specific manufacturing and test issues, streamlining test operations, and improving time-to-quality.

Proligent Enterprise

Proligent Enterprise is a complete test lifecycle management system that integrates test data management, process and quality control, and extensive reporting capability into a closed-loop manufacturing environment. It anticipates the demands of fast-paced, global manufacturing, and helps OEMs react quickly and strategically to improve time-to-market.

Proligent Networks

This is a test deployment and test asset management system that enables OEMs to automatically deploy test updates, monitor station performance and manage station and instrument calibration, resulting in greater product quality and significant operational cost savings.

Proligent Analytics

This product automatically captures and filters information from all manufacturing locations into a centralized decision support system. It is a business intelligence solution that quickly transforms large amounts of complex data into meaningful, organized reports, providing management with the information they need to optimize supply-chain activities.

“The upcoming advanced features of Proligent 5.0 provide answers to real-life issues on the manufacturing floor, and will help boost test efficiency for clients,” said Markus Solbach, head of business development at Noffz ComputerTechnik GmbH, an Averna Channel Sales Partner that manages Proligent sales in Germany. “We look forward to helping clients benefit from these three new products, and from Averna’s solid leadership in ETS.”

Join Averna at Productronica booth 265 in Munich, Germany, November 10-13, 2009.

About Averna

Averna is the premier test system provider for the world’s largest communications device makers. These companies rely on Averna’s test engineering technology and expertise to accelerate electronic product development, achieve superior quality throughout the supply chain, and gain better brand protection.

Since incorporation in 1999, Averna has used its renowned URT™, Proligent®, and DOCSIS product lines to transform the way electronics are tested, delivering a better user experience to millions every day. Averna is a 2009 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year® winner and a Deloitte Fast 500 fastest-growing company with offices and partners around the globe.

Proligent™ is a registered trademark of Averna Technologies Inc.

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Averna’s Proligent® 5.0 responds to important needs of manufacturing and test with three new products

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