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SIPLACE SX Road Show Moves on to Juarez, Mexico

Oct 30, 2009

The technology leader Siemens Electronics Assembly Systems (SEAS) completed the second leg of its SIPLACE SX Road Show in Guadalajara, Mexico on October 23, 2009. While in Guadalajara the SIPLACE Team performed multiple live gantry upgrade demonstrations to showcase their latest “Real Capacity on Demand” concept. Visitors were exhilarated to see the record breaking speeds at which the machine could be upgraded to double its placement speed.

The new SIPLACE SX allows placement performance to be added to a line without influencing feeder capacity or line layout. Capacity can also be easily moved from one line to another, and feeder capacity can be added without the cost of adding an entire new machine. Sales Engineer Luis Garcia stated: “Some of my customers are running SIPLACE machines that have done more than 2 billion component placements and are still accurate and reliable. The SX will allow customers to replace multiple older lines with just one new SIPLACE line, delivering the same output and long term accuracy they expect.”

Right First Time Manufacturing

The SIPLACE Team also demonstrated their complete set of offline tools that ensure ‘Right First Time Manufacturing’. The software tools enable programmers to make a ‘virtual build’ of a customer board and de-bug it offline, eliminating scrap or wasted machine time during an NPI. The SIPLACE Vision Teach Station has the same powerful component shape recognition features as on the machine, but allows operators to program the component offline. SIPLACE Set up Center ensures that the correct components are always placed on the board, but with increased time savings by performing the entire process completely offline.

The SIPLACE SX Road Show will continue to Juarez, Mexico on November 9th and then move to two additional cities in the U.S. and Canada. If you have not contacted your local SIPLACE Sales Representative to schedule your private demonstration yet, the schedule of dates and locations is listed below. For more information on the SIPLACE SX and to enter our Road Show Contest with a chance to win a laptop, visit our website at

Exact dates and locations:

Juarez, Mexico – 11/9/09 – 11/13/09

Martin Salgado – 404-428-2984

Orlando, Florida – 11/30/09 – 12/11/09

Greg Sturgill – 678-428-3386

Toronto, Canada – 1/13/10 – 1/20/10

David Intson – 289-337-6375

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