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Totech Super DryR opens new factory as MSD awareness accelerates in the Americas.

Oct 14, 2009

MSD handling specialist and global manufacturer of ultra low humidity drying and storage cabinets Totech Super DryR ( this month celebrated the opening of a new, purpose built factory in The Netherlands. Sales growth fuelled by increasing awareness in the Americas of MSD handling concerns triggered the move.

Totech EU began five years ago as a distribution and technical support channel for Totech, the Japanese brand that invented ultra-low humidity cabinets in 1974 with patented Zeolite technology. Rapid growth was fuelled by European RoHS legislation that magnified the need to carefully manage the dangers of product failures caused by moisture sensitive devices (MSDs). Lead free reflow temperatures and profiles dramatically increase the moisture sensitivity level (MSL) ratings of all electronic devices.

European electronics manufacturers rapidly recognized the need to establish comprehensive material management programs including storage and drying of components. In partnership with the top electronics companies in Europe, Totech Super DryR drove to develop desiccant cabinets designed to exceed the formidable challenges associated with IPC J-STS-033B.1 for handling of Moisture Sensitive Devices.

Entirely new systems were subsequently developed in Holland and in Germany by totech who is now a full scale design and manufacturing organization, as well as the Totech distribution channel throughout Europe and the Americas.

Managing Director Jos Brehler explained further: “Our newest designs can provide 0.5% RH levels. This is significant for several reasons, but simply stated, these new systems not only store, but reset the clock for MSDs without the harmful solderabilty effects caused by baking.”

Totech Super Dry desiccant cabinets offer a host of premium performance features never before available and now proven to reduce device drying times without oxidation. MSL 5, 1.4mm components can be completely dried in 24 hours. All Super Dry products deploy self-regenerating Zeolite desiccant, widely regarded as the safest, most reliable, energy-efficient and virtually maintenance free.

“We have not only developed solutions for a new electronics process problem, but they are also extremely environmentally friendly,” Brehler added. “These systems consume less than 1% of the energy of traditional baking methods while at the same time reducing overall floor space and logistics.”

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About Totech Super DryR

Delivering globally to the world’s top tier OEM and EMS companies, and manufacturing in Asia and in Europe, Totech Super Dry has become the industry measure for ultra low humidity storage cabinets. Proper control of moisture sensitive devices (MSDs) per IPC and JEDEC standards has become more critical than ever since the introduction of lead free and its higher reflow temperatures. Boasting <1% relative humidity control and the fastest recovery times, Super Dry cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, all with certified performance control measures.

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